Jingle Bells, Hey!

Last 24th of December until the 26th, my relatives from my mom’s side and us celebrated our Christmas at the Fraser Place Manila (it’s a courtesy of my aunts). Here’s some photos of us in a quite gorgeous hotel. It really is a very Merry Christmas! :)

Tita Tess


Tito Ronnie

Tito Jun

With Tita Vi

Ate Cathy, Baby Caleb and Kuya Marc


L-R Honey, Erin, David, EJ, Caleb and Eunice


Mama and Kuya

Us Girls

Them Boys

Exploring Tito Jun's SLR

Test Shot!

The Salo-salo and Gift-giving are heart!

Lezz Get Ready to Rumble!

Yum Yum!

All that and more happened at,

Fraser Place Manila

Happiness and blissfulness to all! Cheers! Thank You Baby Jesus for this family! :)

Merry Christmas!

I thank God for Christmas, you know. He is just awesome. It’s amazing to know that you’re not living for the world and you can always look forward to eternity–this world is so cruel and eternity is so-not the world.

May we all celebrate the true essence of the season, we owe it ALL to the Savior. May God be with you, bless you and give you a very Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday Buddy

My Super Perfect Buddy

And then he turns 20!

May all your dreams and aspirations be given to you as God wills it to be. You are a wonderful person and I hope you never change into something you’re not. You inspire many, me included! Have a blessed day today, Ouisper! I loveyah with God’s love! :) xx

Hello world!

Well, hello there.

How about some introductions first, huh? My name is Kriselle Niña Mupas Pantig, born in Manila and living in Mandaluyong, Philippines. I am 18 at present, turning 19 on the 29th of this month; a Christian; a sister of a very unique older brother; and a daughter of ever-so-hard-working parents. I am a Senior taking up Bachelor in Communication Research at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines-College of Communication (and will be On-the-Job-Training for this particular field soon). *And oh, did I mention, I can hear graduation marches on May! But, isn’t that weird, the March is on May? Ha ha, anyways. I am also a frustrated DJ–tried to auditioned twice and never stole the spotlight; and Model–with this, I just suite myself by reading and writing fashion-and-modeling-related stuffs.

This blog will serve as my sanctuary as to (I like how Hello-Rio! puts it) where I will keep all the many things that inspires me; fascinates and rocks the inner-core of me; and as to how I’ll create unusual thoughts, magical experiences and a bit of random ideas out of them.

Welcome to my all new Ser Diferente (aspringtobedifferent) a.k.a What Is? (lifeanditswhatnots). Join me as I engage through the world of fun-field research, music, fashion, arts, and discovering a whole new meaning of what is (my) life and its what nots.

Drop by again soon for updates! :)