Hello world!

Well, hello there.

How about some introductions first, huh? My name is Kriselle Niña Mupas Pantig, born in Manila and living in Mandaluyong, Philippines. I am 18 at present, turning 19 on the 29th of this month; a Christian; a sister of a very unique older brother; and a daughter of ever-so-hard-working parents. I am a Senior taking up Bachelor in Communication Research at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines-College of Communication (and will be On-the-Job-Training for this particular field soon). *And oh, did I mention, I can hear graduation marches on May! But, isn’t that weird, the March is on May? Ha ha, anyways. I am also a frustrated DJ–tried to auditioned twice and never stole the spotlight; and Model–with this, I just suite myself by reading and writing fashion-and-modeling-related stuffs.

This blog will serve as my sanctuary as to (I like how Hello-Rio! puts it) where I will keep all the many things that inspires me; fascinates and rocks the inner-core of me; and as to how I’ll create unusual thoughts, magical experiences and a bit of random ideas out of them.

Welcome to my all new Ser Diferente (aspringtobedifferent) a.k.a What Is? (lifeanditswhatnots). Join me as I engage through the world of fun-field research, music, fashion, arts, and discovering a whole new meaning of what is (my) life and its what nots.

Drop by again soon for updates! :)


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