This Is My Last, Here We Go

I’m on my way to my last teen year last 29th of December when I turned on my spanking 19th year of living. Ha ha. I wanna thank everyone who greeted me and made my day special; kudos to the people who went to our house to disturb me with their energetic presence; and to my mom, who treated me and my brother out for dinner. Oh Yeah!

Birthday Dinner with the family and a family friend at Mesa.

Mesa, Megamall Atrium

food, food, food



Crispy Pata

Laing (two way)

and of course, me and my brother ate another four extra rices each.


Ate Ichi (mom’s friend-officemate)


Thank You Lord for yet another wonderful year added to my oh-so-precious life, I pray that I could be a living testimony for Your glory! Over all, t’was a fun birthday after all! Yay!


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