One Word: A Blast

A College student, to finish a course, must have an On-the -Job-Training to his/her own field of specialization; and in our case, Communication Research Senior students at PUP were required to take full 200-hours of such.

December, after we had defended our Thesis Paper, was finally our opportunity to look for an Internship Site. We were all in a hurry because our Professor (who’s in-charge for our Internship Subject) was going to leave the country first week of January; he was also the one who’s going to sign our Recommendation Letters for the Company that we would want to apply to. Everyone was so busy contacting this-and-that Organizations and Firms that would suite each others’ taste.

At the very last week (23rd of December), before our Christmas vacation, our Class President–Tolits–suggested an Org named as Research Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture (ISACC) which is located at Corinthian Executive Regency at Ortigas, Pasig City. With that name alone, plus the fact that I want to have a place of Training Ground and where it is accessible at home, convinced me–and my Close Friends too–to try out for it. And at that very day, we have all our Recommendation Letters signed and have to get ready for the interview at the Org which would happen 28th of the month (how cool, a day before my Birthday, my last day of my 18th year).

Then came our most anxious day of all.

All went well that day, we were oriented (by our Trainers, Ms. Shane and Mr. Rey) of what does the Organization is doing and why are they existing. Their very Mission is to creatively witness to the Lordship of Jesus in all of life by penetrating, cultures with the values of the Kingdom and engaging the powers towards social transformation. With that, I thought, This is not just some Organization, it is something that exudes hope, positivity, possibility and above all all that They do is for Christ’s glory; and then I said to myself, I wanna be a part of Their Team, I want Them to be my Training Ground.

And so, here I am.

TODAY is my First Day at ISACC, and so as: Mari, Mayu, Jessica, Shiela, Jake, Tolits and Jandi.

Again, we were oriented at the things that we were going to do and we would do–Culture Research, Audience Research, Case Study, Field Research and as what our Trainers put it “the other stuffs”. We were divided into four groups per each Category:

  • Culture Research will be the task of Mari and Jessica
  • Audience Research will be Mine and Mayu’s
  • Case Study will be the tag-team of Shiela and Jandi
  • and, Field Research will be handled by the duo Jake and Tolits.

Trainers Ms. Shane also gave out our Schedules–like a Time Table– as to how we should do our designated tasks and Mr. Rey explained some Technical Aspects of the studies that we’ll be dealing with. The two of them are very accommodating to our needs, questions, reactions and suggestions. Everything that we ought to know about the study and it’s How-to’s were very well explained. They suggested us to make our Work Plan (and follow it so as not to track lost of time)–because we’re the ones who’s gonna be in-charge of our own time–as to how We are going to take-on our tasks which should be anchored at the Time Table that we’re given to us. They told us that It wouldn’t be a Pakapalan-thing But the Output should be something that is Worth It (they’re very strict about the outcome of the project). Also, they reminded us that We are all in a Team and so We should help anyone who will be in need and the Main Thing is, Everything that we do, is not just for ours or theirs, but for God (inspiring, right?).

We were also introduced at the other staffs (these names I remember: Ms. Aids, Sirs Noel and Paolo; I forgot the other two) at the Silent Room. You see, the Org got two room-offices: Silent–located at the 3rd floor and is the Main Office and Noisy–located at the 2nd floor and will be our home while on Training since it’s the bigger room and yeah, the noisiest (it’s where they held their Staff Meetings).

Ms. Aids lays off the House Rules. Actually, it’s not a Strict Rule (it’s more of What-Do-We-Need-To-Know Stuffs) to follow:

  • the 2nd floor is where we will do our own stuffs
  • we can bring packed lunch since the office is located at a no-carinderia-around place which the staffs are doing as well
  • we can feel-free to use the frige for our food, the plates and glasses (only, not forgetting to wash them afterwards)
  • we can bring lots of snacks at the work place
  • we can play music while doing our own tasks
  • do anything as to where we will be comfortable for working about our studies
  • we are invited to the Fellow’s Gathering of the Org happening soon
  • it’s okay to smile and laugh
  • and lastly, to Enjoy, but not forgetting our obligations.

Amazing it is, all the staffs are kind and accommodating! I thank God for bringing me to This Training Ground. It’s fun, beyond good and a place where we can bring Glory to His Name.

We have a lot more Days to conquer and hopefully and by God’s grace, we can all pull this together out and contribute something which will bring us a great room for learnings, experiences and opportunities.


Tomorrow, I’m going to show our schedule for Me and Mayu’s task: Audience Research. For now, that’s all,  gonna go get some rest. Peace Out!



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