Building a Foundation


  • RRL (Review of Relevant Literature) – 2 Days
  • Objectives, Framework and Research Design – 3 Days
  • Data Gathering (Collate and Sort) – 5 Days
  • Data Presentation (Overview/Summary and Analysis/Interpretation) – 5 Days
  • Summary/Conclusion – 2 Days
  • Implications/Recommendations – 2 Days
  • Consultation – 3 Days
  • Plus, 2 Days Allowance

Above is our Team Schedule (the one given by Ms. Shane) that we are gonna follow for the whole Training; today (and tomorrow) is the start of our first task–RRL. The Review of Relevant Literature that they are saying here is not the usual thesis-thing that we know; it is, on the other hand, a familiarization of what ISACC stands for, how do They go about pursuing the goals of the Org, what are the mediums that they are using for this cause and how They do the many undertakings ISACC-style.

Ms. Shane discussed the critical things that we need to learn for our Project: Audience Research.

(Backgrounder) What is Audience Research?

According to Audience Research Basics, Audience Research is defined as any communication research that is conducted on specific audience segments to gather information about their attitudes, knowledge, interests, preferences, or behaviors with respect to prevention issues.

Basically, we will be given raw data from the different mediums of ISACC: ISACC Bytes, Sa Ganang Amin, ISIP-ISAK, Windows and many more. We will be going to identify each base on its themes and categories: audiences’ inquiries, reactions, suggestions, critics and so on. From there, we will carefully analyze and interpret those data for the completion of our Project (Me and Mayu thought that it’s like the one we’re doing way back our Thesis Days–Content Analysis).

And since, we’ve only just begun on our RRL, we spent the rest of the day on Reading a bunch of stuffs (ISACC Profile, Sample Studies–ISACC-Style, ISACC Books) to feed our knowledge that will support our study in the future. There’s a lot more to read for tomorrow and a lot more to learn.

At the end of the day, our Trainers asked about what we do, if we have questions (they entertain it right there and then) and gave us our Present–our ISACC I.D. Yay! One fun-field day once more!

Alrighty, Cheers!


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