Mumbo Jumbo

Second Day for RRL.

We are scheduled (base on our work plan–Team Audience Research) to read the books Pagbabalik-Loob and Ambiguity written by Ms. Melba Maggay (President of ISACC) to familiarize ourselves with the Org’s advocacy as well as all the other reading materials to help strengthen our knowledge of what the Org is all about. At the end of the day, Mayu and I finished what was scheduled for today, however, I wasn’t able to give out my best to discern the critical things. I rate my self for a big BOO. Oh yes. I’m gonna need to clean up my actions, so I’ll have it going on on the right track next week. Pray for me, will you?


Ms. Shane also visited us to know how are we comprehending with all the stuffs that we’re reading; then, she elaborated a little bit of the Org’s history just to refresh our memory. After some time, she then explained that something has happened at one of their Retreat Place in Mindoro and she’s gonna need us to help research substantial documents that would help them in defending their Case in a court-hearing soon. Another opportunity for us to learn and help ISACC in the process.

My thoughts are kinda mumbled up and I can’t think straight. I’ll make bawi next week. Ha!


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