01.11 to 01.13

Here’s a photo dump of Our First Week on the Training Ground: work days and hours (Tuesday-Thursday, 9:30am to 6pm). ZZZZAPPP!


This is gonna be so raaaaaandom!

Co-trainee, Jan Rose

Co-trainee, Jake

Co-trainee, Shiela

Co-trainee, Jessica

Co-trainee, Mayu

Trainers, Sir Rey and Miss Shane

the Work Place

this is how our desks look like on Normal Days, actually, Everyday


Audience Research Team

know-it-all babies

wacky-ness with the crew

and my team-mate’s sanity-gone-wild.

I wonder, what is up for us this week in our OFR (Objective, Framework and Design) Days. Oh good Lord, help us with all the things that we’re gonna need. Oh yeah!


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