Loaded = Us

It’s the start of OFR (Objectives, Framework and Research Design) Week.

Earlier today, Miss Shane visited us again to check on our Work Plan for this week and gave us a new task which Miss Melba (the President) assigned us to do. Apparently, Miss M was looking for us–OJT Interns–yesterday when they had their Staff Devotion (this is every Mondays; our office schedule is only from Tuesdays to Thursdays) and she was anxious in meeting us very soon.

Anyhow. The new task is to research on the development of peace in the Mindanao Region. If you could remember, the other new task I shared last week is a research work on the Tax Exemption, we will go to the Supreme Court on this one. For the second task, though, On-line documents would be fine.

And so, going back to the things we’ve done today.

We had our First Consultation courtesy of  Sir Rey–the one in-charge to brainstorm on each group. Through his helpful insights and thoughts, we (all groups) finished the Problem Statement, Objectives and have an idea of what will be/what are we going to do on our Framework and Design.

The brainstorming was brain-bleeding. Ha ha! Kidding. Sir R explained ALL the things Mayu and I needed to understand and comprehend to (and there were A Lot, I’m surprised).

We’re gonna need to give out SO much Focus to this study so we can yield a quite intelligent outcome. After all, we are the most blessed among the groups ’cause we have our Data already and we’re just going to sort them out in the Data Gathering Days, other groups will have to work their butt’s off for theirs. And so for our part, doing our 100% best will be the First Option (Lord, help us on this one pleaseeee).

Pray for us (the whole crew) too, will you? :)




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