Panic? You Lose!

Twas’ a Rainy Day today. I arrived at the Office ten-minutes late (but this is because of my oversleeping) while some of my co-trainees were stranded in an hour or so traffic.

It’s the Second Day for our OFR too. Yesterday, we’re done with the Problem and Objective Statements; what we’ve finished earlier though, were:

  • the links we needed for the added task–Mindanao Peace–which we will be sorting out and submit tomorrow
  • (we’ve decided what) Theory that is applicable to our study; ours will be the Information-Integration Theory and Users and Gratifications Theory (may we collapse those theories properly, I’m crossing my fingers)
  • (we’re able) to research for the crucial information we will be using for our Background and Introduction, as well as for the Rationale
  • (able to have a) Division of Labor for the different parts for OFR

We will be doing a lot of homework tonight and hopefully and by God’s grace, we can all accomplish Everything in due time (which is tomorrow).

Yikes. Ha ha!

Prayer, can you give us one?

It’s gonna be one long night ahead of us all. Cheers!


*btw, pardon me for this one, I can’t think-good for this entry (I’m kinda distracted at the moment).

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