Give Me a Break

Welcome Data Gathering Week (in our case, Data Sorting ’cause all our needed data has been gathered already)! This will be from today til Wednesday next week.

Early in the morning, we passed the revised OFRs to Miss Shane to have it be edited by Sir Rey, and then we’re left on our own selves again to do what we have to do: Team Audience Research is sorting out (but not the super formal sort-out, we’re just fixing the October to December) data so we can have it printed immediately; Team Cultures (of Mari and Jek; Shels and Jandi) is still typing their edited OFR and Team Field is just being team-field.

Miss S also told us that we need to have additional information about Mindanao Peace (MP) and Supreme Court’s Tax Exemption (SCTE). We got notes straight from the Madame M for the MP task; and I swear, every sense of the word ‘additional’ is what we’re gonna do. And we still got the pending SCTE task. We all planned to do this tomorrow, it needed to be done ASAP.

These just adds up to our tambak assignments in school. I loathe the feeling of doing everything–the school homework (most especially, it’s a messy pile!), doing the added chores and some other stuffs you need to think and get over with– all at once. I’m not whining about the things you’re required to do, it’s just, man, tooooo many to handle (and this is where I go back hating the homework-at-school part)!

Later in the afternoon, Miss S gave us our OFRs with Sir R’s notes on it and I ought to finish editing Audience Research OFR and pass it via email tomorrow–the most abused word I’ll use today.


Beside all these rush of happenings, sometimes, just getting laid back through it all is what you wanna do. On a second thought, you just can’t! Bam!


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