This Post Belongs to Yesterday

It’s the end of the third week and I feel like I never gave my Best this week (after all the booster that I got). I stressed myself too much on my homework at school, our sort-of-field-work last Wednesday, thus, the focus that I should be giving to the first part of “Data Gathering Week” was never sufficient, in fact, it never reached the hype of enough. Nevertheless, I got really tired with all the stuffs that I never showed attention to for the past few days and just went on it for the last two minutes of the whole scenario.

Although I’m a Mediocre , I tried to do the least that I can on work today: categorize the researches that we got regarding Mindanao Peace, as well as, sorting the audiences responses (so as to say we did something for DG week). At the end of the day, Miss Shane and Sir Rey told us that we’re about to face the lovely Madame M President on Tuesday. We are not allowed to lost the track of time for that. Upon disclosing this matter, I feel the urge of having to go on Field for our DG Week next week (but obviously we can’t, since all the feedback that we need were all collected and all our task will be on-line based *oh curse you cruel internet phase!*).

One more thing I noticed, I lack Discipline over this month of January. And it’s embarrassing, because every sense of the word D, I never possessed. I knew there’s something wrong with me. I sure hope, I won’t be stubborn as to where path our good Lord directs me to go. It’s the New Year for crying out loud, I need some nerves to turn 180 degrees away from the non-sense world. I’ve been given Countless Chances, should I afford to lose it now?

It’s funny how random I can think when I faced these situations. Realizations just went through. Bam!


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