East Meets West is Cancelled

This is the day that we were told that we will be meeting with the ISACC President–the Madame M. I vowed to myself not to be late, only to realize one thing: no matter how fast you walk from one Shaw Boulevard end to the other Galleria end, and no matter how much breath you’re running after, you would surely made it at exactly 9:30 am (just in office-hour-time) and won’t find any President waiting for you to meet at your office. You know why? Because your trainer forgot that he told you that the meeting is at 9:30am when it should have been 9:00am. Ha! But for awhile there, we were relieved. We’re kinda hesitant to meet the President yet–call it nerbyosness or just plain scared. Ha ha!

Anyhow. It’s still our DG Week (we’re running one day behind, you see). Mayu went in to search for the publication dates of the editorials-slash-articles that we have so we can tally it afterwards; while i, dedicated myself in doing the charts for the Facebook fan page and Windows website. It was a success; Mayu got all that publication dates that we needed and we can start tallying many more tomorrow and I made the charts that I assigned myself to do.

DG Week is the easiest for Team Audience Research because we’re just gonna collate the data that we already have , unlike the other three teams. I think we’re gonna have quite a difficulty when it comes to analyzing it coz that’s where it’s gonna be critical. Prayers plus Hardwork, lezz see what it will be for Data Analysis Week next week. For now, DG, kamown baby!

At the end of the day, Miss Shane invited us to attend the seminar that they’ll be conducting tomorrow at GCF.

We agreed that we will, and so. Kapow!

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