Chewsday Wednesday!

We arrived at GCF (Greenhills Christian Fellowship) at around 9:15am (because I’m late on our meeting time) and the Seminar is already starting. Only three got to attend from us, ISACC Interns: Mayu, Jessica and I. Mari weren’t able to; others (Shels, Jandi, Jake and Tolits) have some Data Gathering a.k.a Participant Interview.

We were invited because our Trainers wanted for us to see what kind of seminars/trainings that they do. In this particular one, the participants were those who work for the government; and we suspected that this is under ISACC and what they call Center for Marketplace Seminars headed by Sir Paolo–and we’re so right.

The Seminar started with an Ice Breaker and an introduction of the program flow. Afterwards, Sir Pao led the pack into a prayer, devotion, praise and worship and meditation. For me, this was an amazing start-up: refreshing, renewing, revitalizing. You can see a couple of people who felt something in their hearts–even I and the other girls felt that too, At this point,  I’m convinced that the people will get something out from this.

Well, us Interns were not there just to observe, we were also asked to help out–get something from the office, photocopy this, buy that–which made our urge to eat went a few major kick-ups! Not to worry, though, our Trainers told us that we should have our lunch at the Seminar (they have a buffet, you see) before we go back at the office. And this only meant one thing for me: My baon. How will I eat my baon?

Jessica and Mayu, being the good friends that I have, told me that we could eat our baons later at the office. Meaning, we’re gonna have lunch at the seminar, another lunch and merienda at the office as well. And go figure what happened the rest of the day.

Moral: Never let the fear of hunger keeps you from eating normal. Coz man, we aren’t normal-eaters today! Ha ha! Kabam!

On a serious note, the Seminar was indeed a blessing. Amazing! If those people would let God work out in their hearts and in turn, apply it in their workplace, oh it’s gonna be good! :)

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