Just a Thought

We’re still on Data Gathering when we should be on Data Presentation already. Me and Mayu worked out our charts, tables, categorizations and all that. I am in-charge of encoding them at MS Excel. Excel is really nice, it makes stuffs (i.e. graphs, charts) easier for you to do–imagine I almost got fourteen spreadsheets in one workbook (I separated each by tab-colors). When my partner checked the workbook, she would always tell, Nins, bakit ang dami? and it’s just really funny seeing her reaction (mind you, the face) like that.

Work aside———

You know, we only got one Workbook in life which contains hundreds, thousands or even a million spreadsheets–challenges, trials, problems, disappointments, confusions, rejections, denials and/or whatever it is that we face on a day-to-day basis. God is our Excel. He makes things easier for us to do if we follow His instructions. There maybe people who won’t understand these Spreadsheets of yours, but always remember, it’s not about you and them; it’s about you and God anyways. You and me can forever count on Him.

Keep the faith on our Excel kiddos! Cheers!


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