A Breath of Fresh Air

Oh yes. We’re still fixing the glitches to continue on the Data Analysis Presentation. It’s kinda mashed and rumbled up cause I was just informed (via my partner) that we should have separate charts for ISACC Bytes, SGA and Windows. What I did before was to separate each according to the medium–fan page, group page and email blast. And so my task today is to finish the “Separations” on Excel so we can finally start analyzing it.

Each of the group took turns on the computers. See, the Mac a.k.a. Beep ain’t working anymore cause once you turned it on, it’ll give you a sparkling welcome. And since I’m the only one who’s always using it, I won’t risk my life for now–guess what, I decided to live and use either of the two computers. The situation of those machines weren’t fancy at all, but it’s much okay to have that than nothing at all.

And so, by being a martyr for these gadgets, I was able to fix and separate the data that we needed. Just in time when Miss Shane visited us again. She asked us the developments of our studies; if we were way delayed on our work plans and so forth. My co-trainee, Jandi, also brought the question as to if we could be permitted to have our encoded data to be printed out for our data analysis. And of course, she said Yes. And so both Jandi and my team took that opportunity.

Before we were dismissed from work, Miss S told us that we could visit the 39th floor once in a while to take a few breaks and unwind. What is on the 39th floor? Gym, Swimming Pool and a wonderful view of the City. She even disclosed that she’ll ask Miss Aids if we can have our Swimming Party there on our Last Day. That made us all inside-screamed for joy! Ha ha!

After the dismissal, all of us went at the Pent House on the Cloud 39th (I decided to call it that). It’s evening already and so we were able to see the City Lights. It’s gonna be more amazing if the smog will be gone, but anyways, man, it’s cool and beautiful.

Take time to look up above and down below! Its how high we can go!!! Cheers dorkos!!!

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