Hurricanes of Happiness

Today is the day we scheduled to point out our materials for analysis. I’m convinced to print it out just the way it is but my Partner is considerable enough to think of reducing the sizes of each first *cause it’s kinda many*. This ‘concising’ took us all afternoon to be over and done with, since Jake and Jandi’s group were on the computer. And so, when we got the chance, we emailed it right away and picked up the data when it’s completed.

Now, we can finally start. We have the copies of the charts, tables and graphs. What will we do now, though, is to think critically for these certain comments/results and interpret their meanings.

The funniest thing of the day was that we took a break off from work. A break we’ve never done before—we watched the first 1/8 of the movie “Coming Soon” via Youtube while eating Chippy, Tortillos, Cream-O and Butter Creams all in one. And I discovered that this is the amazing-est way to bond; scare each other because of Shomba, especially Jandi!

And just when we thought that this day won’t get any better—when Miss Shane visited us, she disclosed good news! Brace yourselves *drum rolls* for we’re gonna go Swimming the last day!!! Woot woot! Not only those, Miss S got untold good news which left our minds boggle, giggle and hope. Do you know what we’re hoping for?

A PAY, of course.

Ha ha! We’re hoping that the good news was for us to be paid as well. Oh good Lord, a two thousand bucks will do; but if you’ll pursue 5k, who are we to refuse? Well, that’s the thing we’re hoping for, if not, please let it be.

No hopes shall be killed in the hearts of those who believe. Oh yes! Feel it and shine. Kapow!


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