Stuck in Reverse

When we say we’re way behind the work plan; we really are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind it, no doubt. Gawd. And I’m/we’re still stuck with tallying. This is really frustrating, sometimes–not moving on to the next level. Why are all the data not balanced? Why? Oh curse you, god-of-unscheduled-and-miscalculated information! Wapow!

We’re running a bit busy today, and the last thing that we need is to be interrupted. And fate, for one second, won’t let that happen. Our trainers, together with the other ISACC team went down to our office (2nd floor, noisy room) to discuss their new websites with their web designers.

So, we got no other choice but to listen as they disclose the matter. The behind-the-website-to-dos were totally familiar; and lo and behold, indeed it is. The host for their web domain is non-other than my blog provider–WordPress!! Woot woot! And so, I thought Wow. That was cool. Our trainers will have a lot of fun doing those virtual-advocacy-campaigns with this, it’s like they’re blogging. Very easy.

After the website training, the energy to do the things were suppose to do was gone. It’s nearly six as well and we’re bound to go home. Another day flew by just like that.


Prayers will be of big help. Please give us one so we can finish our duties in the right time or more. Alrighty!


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