Tis One of Those Days

Hello. :)

I’m just wondering where you are right now. You know, I’ve been waiting for you since Day One–like a four year old kid waiting for her mother to buy her bubble gum flavored cotton candy at a random theme park. Yes, I’ve been *patiently* waiting; nineteen years now if you’ve been counting. As much as I would wanna meet you, I sincerely feel that I’m not ready yet, and I thank you for not showing up This soon.

You see, I would wanna be someone that you know and know personally, like friends. There, its gonna be fair for the both of us for we will surely see beyond ‘just’ the outer shell of our beings; I wanna be myself when I’m with you and I would want you to feel that way too.


Eating would never be stressful for you will know that I eat like a construction worker and burp like an ogre. Sleeping won’t never be a problem for I’ll know how loud you snore or how can you draw a map on pillow cases courtesy of the dripping liquids from that mouth of yours.

That I would try my best and never complain when you want me to accompany you on your mountain climbing, sky diving, wake boarding, bungee jumping, parasailing or whatever sport there is that you might have. Or if you’re not into that extremes, we can just watch a movie and cry together when Jaime suffers from lukemia and how Carter did all that he can to assist her in completing her bucket list, be married, and have a walk to remember. And yeah, sure. We can laugh together at the adventures of Phineas and Ferb and how Perry will once again defeat Doofensmhirtz.

You’ll find me funny coz at this age I still like Miley; while, I’ll find you strange–you mixing up catsup and mayonaise with apple, banana and orange. You’ll teach me how to play Guitar Hero, bet with your friends, and win because of our tagteam. I would let you hang out with your friends too; you’ll be needing Boys Night Outs once in awhile. On the other hand, you’ll understand why I had to cancel our date because one of my girlfriends had her heart broken and she needs someone to console and comfort her.

I’ll learn how to love cooking coz you’ll hope that I can be an expert in preparing your mom’s and sister’s favorite dish. And you, you’ll always find time to treat my family and listen to my mom’s or brother’s stories and out-of-the-blue-whatever experiences.

We may never be the perfect couple for we will never be excused from the ups and downs of any normal relationship. We could fight over minor things. And yes, I can act childish and real immature sometimes and you can get tired of me. But with God as our center, we’ll figure how to work things out.

I pray and hope that we will be accountable to each other. Share each other’s struggles, problems, happiness and resolutions. That we will help each other to grow more in our relationship with Christ, family, friends, church and ministry. We will not be there to complete each other, rather, add up the cherry on top of each other’s cake. We will just live one day at a time, holding hands and hearts attached–each other’s better half. I’m praying and waiting for you and I feel that you’re doing the same way too. Nevertheless and just so you know My loyalty starts now. :) xx

2 thoughts on “Tis One of Those Days

  1. aaw. i can relate ninsy! haha. while scanning my past tumblr posts, i found posts that are gb-related and all I can do is smile because i think my GB has finally arrived (yey! with crossed fingers siyempre) please, pakidagdagan to! ;)

    • salamat Ys! hahaha! and i like your surname here ‘pereira’ *noiice!* yay for you, i’ll pray na mag-work out kung ano mang meron kayo. ;) and yes dadagdagan ko to, soooooon. thanks uleeet! :*

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