Badabim Badaboom!

Earlier today, our trainers–Miss Shane and Sir Rei–disclose a surprise news for us. You see, the EDSA Anniversary is happening next week, Friday. And since ISACC has an AM radio program, “Sa Ganang Amin”, they’re gonna do some news in lieu with the celebration. So what are we suppose to do? We will be needing the voice of the young people–the youth–on what they have to say regarding a particular a question about EDSA. These young people will be from one public and private school.; elementary to college and those fresh graduates; three persons each. In short, we’re gonna get our guts out and interview them.

And since we’re delayed in our work plan, why don’t we delay it some more?

I’m starting to believe that we’re the goddesses of Delays. Oh sweet niblets! Ha ha!


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