Think You Can Handle It?

The question was handed down to us today; it goes something like this: Do you believe on what Ninoy said that “The Filipino people is worth dying for”? Why? And we can never hang on anymore, we were really surprised when we learn that the Vox Pop will be aired Monday. Wow! So fast! So it’s now Thursday, and then the weekends, how are we gonna do it?

Brain Storming. We decided to divide the group as to who will interview this-and-that particular audience. We’re bound to do it tomorrow, or else, we’re dead meat! Lezz all cross our fingers, shall we?

Team Elementary

Public: Jandi

Private: Me, Mayu and Shels

Team High School

Public: Mari

Private: Jessica

Team College and Fresh Grads

Of course, the thorns among the roses: Tolits and Jake.

Use your connections and charms! Voice of the People here we come!!!



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