Vox Populi

Three interviewers. One aim.

Indefinite number of students. One answer.

One school. One purpose.

Lezz do this!!

We chose the students from Grades Four to Six of the Jose Rizal University to be our participant for the Voice of the People in relation to the EDSA celebration. We lobby-ed outside the campus to get some random ideas from some random student. Out of the ten we interviewed, there were only four who answered clearly, with full-thought and conviction.

We got some pretty hard time eliciting responses for the kids were a bit shy. Okay, fine. They were major shy babies. Ha ha! It’s quite a hard question to answer for these little brats. I mean, they don’t understand it yet. So, lets (or I) forgive them for that.

Now, let the adult  in the house answer (and oh, it’s me).

Do you believe on what Ninoy said that “The Filipino people is worth dying for”? Why?

Yes, I do believe that the Filipinos are worth-dying for. Why? If dying for them and doing those little sacrifices would make them feel that they’re loved, that they can do something for the country and that there’s still hope, why not? They’re worthy for it because I am a Filipino, and they’re too. What is loving your own brother? :) Even the adult here doesn’t make sense.

All I know is, there’s this One Man who thought that everyone is worth-dying for. And that, that is the ultimate act of love we have ever received. Oh yes!!



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