Almost But Never Quite

We met each other few years ago

One sunny day, one room full of people

Your eyes are bold and brown

Your skin so soft and smooth

Then your smile, I need not to say more

I managed to keep silent on what i feel

For i know, it’ll never seal the deal




You are the talk of the town

I am a no one

You are the cool guy

They think I’m no cool girl

The world we belong never meet together

And so i ask, will we ever be given a chance of forever?


Time came, I don’t know how it happened

We shared weird thoughts about girls and boys

We had many of laughters

We’re so close, we love each other

We’re friends and that’s all that matters

My feelings grow two-folds

But i know, you’ll settle for us being the same-old




You are the Lennon of the Beatles

I am the Somebody of a band Never-Heard

You are the superstar

I am the fan

The world where i am with you

Is a world of contentment even if eternity’s long due



No, i know you won’t

Would you know that this song’s for you?

Would you know that my feelings are true?

Would you say that you feel the same way too?

Would you?

Or i’ll just convince myself that you do?



You are the melody and harmony

I am the lame song lyrics

You are the love of all

I am the nobody

This is the world where we are

Almost but never quite

One thing i promise is

I’ll be forever by your side


This is a song lyric (haven’t thought of the music yet) for someone only I-know-who. My writer friends were so inspiring and so I dedicated this to them too. Who knew writing could be so much fun these days? Oh yeah!

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