Good Heavens!

We were asked to attend the Care of Creation Seminar at BM07 of the Greenhills Christian Fellowship (GCF) today. It’s one of the Center for Market Training(s) again. This time, though, the participants included a group of Korean people; there were Teachers, Environmentalists and so forth who were also there. I have a feeling that these were the same people who belong in ISIP-ISAK. But then again, this is just me.

Us, Interns were seated at the back-most part of the room. We’re assigned to sell the books written by authors Edward Brown and our very own, Madame Melba Maggay. When we saw the prices of those, we’re (or I was) like Wow. Is there a gold page in those? It costs 400-500php. Again, wow.

Lo and behold, at our break time–when we got all the cookies and coffees at our table–guess what happened? Miss Shane assigned Mayu to take care of the video-cording of the seminar. And so, she struggled her way out, bump here and there resulting to…..Coffee Spilling!!! And oh my, there were two 400php and one 500php books that were stained! S-T-A-I-N-E-D! 500 + 400 + 400 = 1 300php all in all! Where are we gonna get that? Gawd.

We’re so good, we come clean with our Trainers. They said, we just need to let it go, be quiet and hope that the books will be purchased soon enough. Obedient kids we are, we acted like nothing happened. Ha ha!

On to the seminar. Mr. Ed Brown, the author of Our Father’s World (the book we just stained due to our genius acts) was one of the speakers. He taught of taking care of the environment with a pinch of biblical perspective on it since he’s a Pastor at their church as well. From his speak, I learned that we are the change waiting in ourselves. We need to change how we think to save our environment. We should do something about it; be it in a simple or major way. Mr. Ed is really a pocketful of sunshine; very positive, indeed!

Find your way out.

Don’t over-think but don’t let them smell the coffee-stink! Care for the environment, buy coffee-stained books. They’re really fashionable, I’m telling you! Ha ha! Laugh and shed tender love and care for Mother Earth given by the Father-up-above! Woot woot!

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