Double the Trouble

The day at the office just went by not knowing we’re on for a big surprise. We’re busy doing our own stuffs when someone knocked at the door.

Guess who?

It was Sir Rei, and a special guest—

*drum rolls*

Mr. Edward Brown himself in flesh. Ding ding ding!!! Sir Rei is touring Mr. Ed in the Noisy-ISACC-room (where the Interns are staying); we are also introduced with the man behind the Our Father’s World. He looked at us with familiarity. He remembers the faces of those who spilled coffee in his books. Not. He doesn’t even know that that ever occurred. He knows we helped in selling his books way back yesterday at the Seminar.

Sir Rei then asked us to go upstairs so we can get our own Ice Creams. When opportunity knock, what do we do? Grab it. Grab it as tight as we can! We didn’t think twice about the offer, we obeyed the order as soon as it was given. Man, it’s for the cold-cravings of our entire being at stake there. Ha ha!

Meet and greet an author. Check.

Ice Cream waiting for grabs, here we come.

So we went up to the third floor main office. Just when we thought meeting one author is enough, we’re so wrong. At the time we went in the Silent Room, Kabam! The one and only, Madame Melba–the ISACC President, who’s also a book-writer was there! What do we do? What do we do? Before we knew it, she is commanding us to eat our Ice Creams over the counter. If every bosses in the world will be like that, employees’ tummies will be happy. :) Ha ha!

Meet and greet the ISACC President. Surprising but fun. Check.

We ate a lot. Took pictures, shared funny thoughts with Mr. Ed and had the Day of our lives. Oh yes, it certainly is. Cheers!!


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