Debbie Viguié’s The Summer of Cotton Candy

Have you ever heard of the phrase Wherever you are right now is exactly where God wants you to be? Well, this chick-flick novel tells a story of something like that. It is indeed a sweet, light-hearted and honest romp through the friendships, romances, family, school, faith and video that makes a girl’s life as full as it can be.

It’s the summer vacation and Candace Thompson ain’t getting any summer allowance without working her strut off—her parents talked her through the value of working and the rite-of-passage thingy. And so she is; and since she signed up a little way behind, she has left but-to-be the Cotton Candy Operator at the Zone (an infamous theme park in their place).

At first she thought that this would just ruined her and her bestfriend Tamara’s summer bondings and get-aways; that she won’t get used to on how hard it can be, and; that she won’t even survive it all.

Well, nobody said it was easy. And truly enough, Candace went through a lot of tough times, downfalls and wisdom-earning-moments as she went by with all those experiences:  got a lot  zips and zaps as she faced wrong accusations at their workplace, yet, found strength from the One-up-Above and some guidance with co-worker friends at the park; was able to find love with a guy named Kurt and served as an inspiration for him to dream for his future; have a big fight with her bestest friend—yet, abling to patch up things between them, thus, making their relationship stronger thatn ever; valued the work that she have and her new friends that she met along the way: Josh, Martha, Becca, Sue, Pete and Roger, and; just being thankful for the crazy that stuffs she encountered and survived with the grace of God and vowing to go back and do it all ever again if she have to.

You know how sometimes we don’t understand why God puts us in a situation where we don’t want it to be? I think it is just as the same time as He’s telling us that we ain’t do things all by our own. And if we’re gonna need someone to be there, He’s the Best One that we can have. And although bad thins happen, He can turn it all around as long as we have faith, hope and trust. He’s just the sweetest Dad you and I could ever have.

I am one heck of a chick-lit –addict and when I started reading this one, I just can’t stop flipping through the next pages. Although there are some parts that I don’t agreed on, like, how Kurt abled to kiss Candace after that  first dinner date—gawd, first date and then kiss, for me that doesn’t match; or how Kurt became Candace’s boyfriend even if she doesn’t know if they have the same faith—cause for me, it’s gonna be important to have a partner that is also spiritually mature and help you to grow in your walk with the Lord, right?; and how Kurt can just kiss Candace on public and Candace kinda liked it.

Plus, I’m routing for Candace-Josh love team. That’s why. Ha ha!

But nevertheless, there are still a lot of good parts where you learn a lot.


Here are some of the lines from the book that I really loved and made me go ‘Woah’ and ‘Yeah’:

Never date a guy you ain’t willing to marry. No good can come out of that, just a lot of pain for everybody.


I didn’t have to be there to understand. All of us have story of that one—some of us more than one. It’s part of life and learning. Why, if babies stopped trying to walk the first time they fell down, the whole world would be full of people who crawl.


I could tell you were crying. It’s okay,, you know. God understands when you cry in his house. Nobody can be happy all the time.

-little girl from across the aisle

You’ve heard of David and Goliath? Where there’s a will, God has a way.


Maybe it was true that sometimes all people needed was a little self-confidence or a little encouragement .


Hey, that’s what friends are for, right?  They keep each other’s secrets and help each other out.


Sometimes it takes time to get what you want.


Sometimes you don’t even know what you want until you get  what you though you wanted.



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