Somedaydream: First Press Release

In this age of radio stations folding and band break ups, people are yearning for the next wave in the music industry to catapult the local talent back into the mainstream.  We are constantly searching for that artist who will break new boundaries and set new trends.  For this, most music fans turn to the international underground scene of progressive indie rock and electronica just to get their fix of good music.  All this is about to change with the introduction of a new breed of OPM music.  One that sounds refreshingly different to be considered a new indie sound but still friendly enough to be blasted on all radio stations, regardless of the target demographics.

The artist touted to start surfing the wave of change is Somedaydream, a.k.a. Rez Toledo, whose first single “Hey Daydreamer” has struck radio airplay gold with every DJ excited to play a song of international quality that they can proudly say is Filipino produced.  Not to mention the
giddiness of the lady DJs who cant help but giggle and smile when they finally saw the artist in the flesh during his recent radio tour.  His good looks and boyish charm are a healthy plus to an artist who, apart from being loved by the mainstream listeners and respected by the music scene, can easily be a target for advertisers.

With the help of mentor and producer Champ Lui Pio, Somedaydream is conquering the airwaves faster than any independent artist, or even signed artist for that matter.  The catchy hook and memorable lyrics of electro pop “Hey Daydreamer” can easily get stuck in your head that you’d start Googling the song and searching for where to download it.  Well, the good news is, you will be able to, along with the rest of Somedaydream’s tracks pretty soon under the format of what is to be known as Digital Music, or music sold online.  What seems to be the most important thing to this 20-year-old Atenean is that his music is heard.  And what better way to spread music than through the internet?  So all the music fans can hold their breaths and watch the landscape of the local music scene change as Somedaydream continues to create a new shift in the tides.

Somedaydream | Facebook

Welcome to a Facebook Page about Somedaydream. Join Facebook to start connecting with Somedaydream.


Click here to read the press feature of the band courtesy of Philippine Star. Share this to your friends, lezz help the OPM industry. Lezzgo Somedaydream!! :)


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