Friday is the Next Chapter

His dark brown eyes and the way it tells a story
Those big wide smiles
For her, it’s kind of awry
He’s being gentle and for the way he abetted her
It touches her very core
A poetry was written for her to remember

He’s someone new, at least for her, he is
She doesn’t really care
But what is this?
It’s like Miss Fate dating out Mister Chances
Like gallons of water filling in their wine glasses

She can’t utter a word on the struck of wonders
One word: she is ‘flabbergasted’
He was someone she didn’t expect
She never meant him to be his prince
And rescue her, the damsel in distress

And there she was, sitting beside the door
With all the papers scattered around her bedroom floor
She finished scribbling that piece of note–
A new poetry to deny her his vote

Dedicated to Shiela May Familaran! Woot woot!

The Beginning of a Battle

I arrived at the office in the afternoon because I accompanied Shiela to school. Excuse a good friend here. And so as we were waiting for the others to arrive for us to take our lunches, I checked the laptop up. Shiela inserted her USB on the laptop and wolah! Her files were all gone as well! And there’s this pop-up box that keeps on appearing every time I insert a USB—and once you close it, it just comes back up. I hate it. It made me worry ‘cause if every time a USB will be inserted and the files will be corrupted, man, my aunt will kill me! Ha! I was so worried that I became so serious. It’s not my normal self, you know. It’s frustrating that time, really.

Then, since I can’t do anything yet, I just continued on our Data Interpretation. After some time, I feel well enough and was back to my old me. Ha ha. Plus, I asked my mom on what to do about the virus that was in the laptop and she told me to go to her office afterwards so an IT specialist can look over the problem. With all these things, no need to worry myself anymore. Every burden has taken care of.

Before we went home, we needed to see our Trainers first. They’re gonna disclose some important things to us. And we bet it’s about the presentation. What could it be? Our hints are so right. Miss Shane gave us a schedule to follow already; because apparently, if she wouldn’t set the deadline, we wouldn’t be dealing with it. Like deal with it, seriously. And so, here is our new-and-no-retreat-no-surrender schedule:

  • March 29 – Submission of the final study.  No more excuses.
  • March 30 – The study will be returned to us and we’ll revise it. No more thinking-twice.
  • March 31 – Presentation time! No more holding back.

The end is near and we’ll face our final curtain next week. Warng! Lezz go, lezz go! May our good Lord be with us wherever we go! Shout love. Big hugs. High-fives. Peace! :)

Gone With the Wind

No one ever expected on what could be turn out of this day is; we thought that everything will end as what an ordinary day in the office could be.

Up first, I arrived at the office at around 9-ish in the morning. Just like the old times. And I’m kinda proud of myself because of this—my achievement because of following Mister Discipline. To my surprise, no one was there yet, even the people at the main office. And so, I roam around. Went up, go down. Listened to my music out loud and sang my vocal chords out of it. I was so exhausted and sweating really hard from the walking that I did. I love walking, so I don’t really mind; unfortunately my sweat does. A couple of few minutes went by and finally Miss Aids was there! I got the keys to our office and jumpstart on the things I needed to do first. To my frustration, the internet wasn’t able to connect again, so, I waited for Miss Shane to troubleshoot for the problem. ‘Cause all that I did, it never suffice what the modem wants. Good thing, it does know he’s boss and upon Miss Shane arrival, we’re onto surfing the net for the stuffs that we need once more.

What keeps everyone busy that day is the task that is prompted on them to do. Team meetings are everywhere; non-stop searching, analyzing and interpreting are rocking the worlds of everyone. This day is very special for my team-mate decided to work hard-way for our study. I’m very proud of her because of this realization. She used the desktop computer of the office, while I use the laptop that I borrowed from my aunt weeks back because I’ll be needing the internet be able to find the necessary things I need to accomplish my agenda for the day. She is very dedicated on editing the analysis I’ve done, checking the details of it and adding up her own points for it. And so as everyone else, this is the only thing that we can actually do for the presentation is up tomorrow. Or is it?

After a day’s work, when my partner is about to transfer what she had done from the desktop to my laptop through our USBs. It surprised us when we opened it on the laptop, all the files that were inside a folder were on short cut—meaning, it can’t be opened; it’ s corrupted. All May’s creative works that were saved in her USB was all expunged up. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Nothing. Zippo. Everything’s gone. Trashed out of the bin in that instant. Good thing, we were able to recover the things that she did and have it on the laptop. Gawd. Our USBs, poor poor thing.

You can’t keep everything under your control. Somewhere, sometimes, somehow, it’s gonna be gone and you can’t do anything about it once it’s lost. Er.

Sensibility 101

Data Interpretation can be defined as “the application of statistical procedures to analyze specific observed or assumed facts from a particular study”. For researchers, interpretation is not a simple thing to do; it takes a lot of thinking, analyzing, scrutinizing, evaluating and every little thing that ends in ‘–ing’. Oh well.

Me and my partner, Mayu, are on to our Data Interpretation after 408 years of being caught on Data Analysis. We’re still trying to figure out what to do with all those charts and responses; Sir Rei expects a lot than the ordinary for we are doing this study for over a couple of months already. We needed to think over little things and in the process, make those appear in the bigger picture.

We are set to present our study by Thursday—two days to go before now. How will we present if we can’t push through with all this things needed to be interpreted? Ha! This is so stressful. Well, hopefully God will guide us through and give us the wisdom, knowledge and heart for what we do; may He gave our Trainers the much needed patience, grace and understanding for us. They had been very kind to us and it’s so shameful that we can’t abide by their desires for us to finish the study at the time we are expected to be. You know, they’re just concerned for us ‘cause we’re gonna be needing the evaluation pretty soon and therefore are necessary to complete the requirements so they can evaluate us. Oh good Lord, help us!

Badabim badaboom, even though it’s hard, you got to aim for the moon!

Another Yet-To-Be

According to my co-Interns last Tuesday, we are supposed to present last Thursday. This was obviously cancelled. And I thought Presentations will be happening today, then again, I’m so wrong. All the groups were not yet done. If this were the case, what could probably the choice you left your Trainers but to change the schedule of your presentation once more, right?

I thank the Lord for giving us kind-hearted Trainers and taking-good-care-of-your-interest company (organization, in their case).  They understood that we had to prioritize our theses’ final revisions and a subject completion and requirements before we finalize all our studies for the organization’s sake.

What boggles me these days, aside from the fact that we’re not even done yet with the interpretations, is the how-is of the Presentation-con-ISACC. How do they want it to be? Will it be like our nerve-racking Thesis Defense or even close to our Mock Defense? Will there be any panel too? Will there be handful of questions to answer to? Gawd. Didn’t I clear that I have this fright of talking to anybody related to what I’m doing, primarily, research? Ha! One can never be used-to and comfortable enough on these kinds of Presentations. Even the strongest man, this will be his Kryptonite. Exaggerating.

Bieber, can you sing us into the one-liner of your song Pray? People, can you give us one pray a day? It wouldn’t be a pain, really, it would be okay. Ha! Up and down. Left and right. Go in circles, get dizzy and be happy. Hakuna matata.