Encode and Decode

Have you ever been stuck in reverse? Like, you know where to go to and yet you’re headed the wrong way? What can I say? It seems like we’re in this situation of our Data Analysis-slash-Interpretation for almost three weeks now and we’re not done yet. Sometimes I wish we’re just lost; it ain’t the situation though. We know where to go, however, most of our times; we dedicate them on swerving and taking U-turns. And look where we are now? Letting the proverb the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason into the milky ways of our galaxies.

This day, I’m trying the best I can to reciprocate unmanaged time with planned activities. I decided to finish the analysis so we can well proceed to our next level of interpretation. I was never good at hardcore thinking—it was never my forte. Actually, it was never my forte to think of anything at all. Kidd. Ha ha. Nonetheless, one has to double his efforts up and learn how to do the things he isn’t used on doing just to yield the outcome he would’ve always wanted. No more confusion, only action.

And so, at the end of the day, I was able to finish the analysis. Encoded it and asked my team mate to check all the portions necessary to be changed, improved or disregarded. She agreed to—for we need team effort here.

How can we finish everything with a blink? Tomorrow is another wink. Cheers!


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