Last Day Not

According to the work plan that we have provided our Trainers before, we should be done with all our studies by now. Or so we did not think nor did they expect. Where are all my coherence has gone again? Tell me.

I went on a half day today to accompany Mayu, who is my thesis mate and team mate for Audience Research, to fix something for our thesis. We arrived at the office nearly a quarter before one in the afternoon. Our thesis is paving its way for one big hump on the back ride of our pressured Hummer rides. It is so frustrating how everything just mumbled it-selves up to give us a headache for managing poor time schedules. It’s all back-firing to us now. Ha!

Our Internship days will be extended, not of our own will, but of our own works. I mean, if we could have started everything in a smooth-fast-lane; maybe, we’re done by now. Instead, we let ourselves to lax out everything to the max and cram on the last two minutes after realizing that we can’t beat the buzzer. Oh wow. How long are we going to be like this? Will we finish everything on the next time that will be given?

The finger is pointed at the mirror on who to blame. Dang!


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