To Wait in Vain

Yesterday was the day we’re ought to be done; today was the day we’re supposed to be resting. All the many things we have for-planned were now gone in shambles. What do you do when God allow these things to happen? When He shows you that it won’t be that way—the way you have thought it to be—it was never like that ever since day one? Who are we to mess our plans with God in the first place? One should learn to accept the way things are, the way life can twist and have sudden turns. Clean slates are once again offered—new mood board for new plans is lowered down on discount prices. We’re gonna be staying a little-too-long in the Supermarket.

It has been a long day. Every group was trying to do their efforts for their assigned tasks. The Pack (us, the Interns) is having few breaks once in a while to let a breathe-in and breathe-out exercise for our congested brain juices. Once the clock strikes six in the evening, we know what that means: prepare to go home. This day, though, it seemed different. Jessica, Jandi and Jake decided to use the company’s benefits for printing their study-needs for them to proceed to their next levels on interpretation. And so, as good friends, Me, Mayu and Shiela agreed to wait for them. Downstairs is where we’re waiting, an hour passed by, no trace of them yet. Another hour is peeking; even the smell of their afternoon breath is nowhere to be found. With patience hanging a little loose, we chose to visit them upstairs to see if everything’s okay. They’re just printing, for goodness’ sake, how long can that take?

Once we’re at the workplace again, then, we knew the hardships they’re currently battling with the computers of the office. Not one of it was kind to let them use it and print their works. It was a funny patience-killing moments of our lives. And so, from the time that they got it all working together and we’re just doing another round of waiting, we toured at Madame Melba’s sanctuary. It was way too cool at her place; it has a mini library, lounge and other quite cute stuffs. We all never missed the chance to take photos of this eye-warming abode. It was really cool, I tell you.

After all the wait was over, finally, home is where we are headed next. Another week has gone by. Time flies so quickly. Reduce your speed and take your sips of coffee, sit down to look around on the wonders of the world.


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