Come-back Blubbery


ISACC I’m back! I’ve been out last Tuesday and Wednesday due to our school campaign and thesis meetings; those were the most tiring days of my life. Imagine, I went on Taekwondo class last Monday, then, off to Campaign meeting; then, went on campaigning the next day and meeting our Professor for a bunch of deathly-fying requirements. The day after that, me and my Thesis Group Mates who were my Office Mates as well (Mayu and Mari) went to school to fix something for our thesis. Experienced some disappointments and decided to eat our sorrows away. We’re moving on life that way, you see.

Anyways, finally I got the chance to report for work today. And so here I am and as unusual I’m late again; only found Jandi in the room–no Jessica, Shiela, Mari, Mayu, Jake or Tolits. But Mayu said she’s gonna be in after lunch; the other guys, though, are busy with their Campaign Meetings. Me and Jandi got our places on the only two computers at the office. How blessed!

After an hour or so, Miss Shane visited us to give us an assignment for the day. She needs us to work on an overview for the Middle East Crisis–background, history and its general implication to the nation.

Honestly, I wasn’t able to watch the news these past few weeks and although I got an idea that there’s something’s wrong in the Middle East, I don’t really know what’s happening. Good job me. And so, I did the task of researching, reading, analyzing and what-not. At the very least, I fed this not-so-big-of-a-brain-I-have the latest news and happenings in Libya, Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. At the end of the day when we submitted all our researches with a-little-bit-of-what-I-call short intros and interpretation, the phrase very good was all we needed to ease those cram-my brain cells we had earlier that morning. Oh gawd, hearing those (or reading it—straight from our Boss’ type-chat) is oh-some. You can see my happiness beyond my eyes even though that was a simple task that we completed. Ha ha. J

Just when we thought the Day would end with a happy note, we better think again. Before we went home, we needed to see Sir Rei for our consultation. Heavy, hardcore, brain-bleeding consultation. I swear. He said that we did the right analysis for those data that we got, but we have to critically interpret it—see beyond all those reasons and give one-of-a-kind explanations. Wow. This is me, translating all the he said in a less complicated manner. If you were there listening with our conversation, you’d probably end up like my team mate, Mayu—lost in the airwaves and hanging by a moment. I needed to stay strong and make a face for our group and so I did. Ha ha. Exaggerating.

There were too many things that we ought to do still. It’s mind-blocking sometimes and worth-quitting. No. we don’t need to find a reason to be a quitter in a battle. Every problem won’t have the answer as the limit does not exist. There’s always an equation to find the logarithm. Pray hard. Work harder.