Breaking Down Walls

I’m getting used on being late since the last week of February—now this, for me, is frustrating. I was never-not on time before or at least an hour or so late, unlike what I’m doing now. Although we are accountable on our own times, meaning, we can go to work at any time we please just as long as we finish all our works; frustrating it is to act like a late-bird every time. Much frustrating is, I know what is wrong with what I’m doing and yet I don’t comprehend on it in my mind.

Acting out is way harder than speaking it out loud. No will power found on my calloused heart and stubborn mind. The spark on doing the things I’m ought to do was gone. It’s like I’m facing what I call, the research wall. The stumble stages of researchers who were having hard times to ignite the fire of their craft. Because of all the busyness we faced for our thesis and Media Literacy requirements; the love for research—for our study—was misplaced. Today, I only finished doing the Data Cleaning and nothing more. Er.

Once you got the chance to have a one-on-one on your weaknesses, you need to find where your strength is. For where your weakness is, there is your strength will be shown. Efforts on finding the all-spark that I need are on the search. Never give up hope; fire away that pocketful of sun shines. You have to break those bricks by boring brick one hit at a time.

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