Another Yet-To-Be

According to my co-Interns last Tuesday, we are supposed to present last Thursday. This was obviously cancelled. And I thought Presentations will be happening today, then again, I’m so wrong. All the groups were not yet done. If this were the case, what could probably the choice you left your Trainers but to change the schedule of your presentation once more, right?

I thank the Lord for giving us kind-hearted Trainers and taking-good-care-of-your-interest company (organization, in their case).  They understood that we had to prioritize our theses’ final revisions and a subject completion and requirements before we finalize all our studies for the organization’s sake.

What boggles me these days, aside from the fact that we’re not even done yet with the interpretations, is the how-is of the Presentation-con-ISACC. How do they want it to be? Will it be like our nerve-racking Thesis Defense or even close to our Mock Defense? Will there be any panel too? Will there be handful of questions to answer to? Gawd. Didn’t I clear that I have this fright of talking to anybody related to what I’m doing, primarily, research? Ha! One can never be used-to and comfortable enough on these kinds of Presentations. Even the strongest man, this will be his Kryptonite. Exaggerating.

Bieber, can you sing us into the one-liner of your song Pray? People, can you give us one pray a day? It wouldn’t be a pain, really, it would be okay. Ha! Up and down. Left and right. Go in circles, get dizzy and be happy. Hakuna matata.

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