Sensibility 101

Data Interpretation can be defined as “the application of statistical procedures to analyze specific observed or assumed facts from a particular study”. For researchers, interpretation is not a simple thing to do; it takes a lot of thinking, analyzing, scrutinizing, evaluating and every little thing that ends in ‘–ing’. Oh well.

Me and my partner, Mayu, are on to our Data Interpretation after 408 years of being caught on Data Analysis. We’re still trying to figure out what to do with all those charts and responses; Sir Rei expects a lot than the ordinary for we are doing this study for over a couple of months already. We needed to think over little things and in the process, make those appear in the bigger picture.

We are set to present our study by Thursday—two days to go before now. How will we present if we can’t push through with all this things needed to be interpreted? Ha! This is so stressful. Well, hopefully God will guide us through and give us the wisdom, knowledge and heart for what we do; may He gave our Trainers the much needed patience, grace and understanding for us. They had been very kind to us and it’s so shameful that we can’t abide by their desires for us to finish the study at the time we are expected to be. You know, they’re just concerned for us ‘cause we’re gonna be needing the evaluation pretty soon and therefore are necessary to complete the requirements so they can evaluate us. Oh good Lord, help us!

Badabim badaboom, even though it’s hard, you got to aim for the moon!