Gone With the Wind

No one ever expected on what could be turn out of this day is; we thought that everything will end as what an ordinary day in the office could be.

Up first, I arrived at the office at around 9-ish in the morning. Just like the old times. And I’m kinda proud of myself because of this—my achievement because of following Mister Discipline. To my surprise, no one was there yet, even the people at the main office. And so, I roam around. Went up, go down. Listened to my music out loud and sang my vocal chords out of it. I was so exhausted and sweating really hard from the walking that I did. I love walking, so I don’t really mind; unfortunately my sweat does. A couple of few minutes went by and finally Miss Aids was there! I got the keys to our office and jumpstart on the things I needed to do first. To my frustration, the internet wasn’t able to connect again, so, I waited for Miss Shane to troubleshoot for the problem. ‘Cause all that I did, it never suffice what the modem wants. Good thing, it does know he’s boss and upon Miss Shane arrival, we’re onto surfing the net for the stuffs that we need once more.

What keeps everyone busy that day is the task that is prompted on them to do. Team meetings are everywhere; non-stop searching, analyzing and interpreting are rocking the worlds of everyone. This day is very special for my team-mate decided to work hard-way for our study. I’m very proud of her because of this realization. She used the desktop computer of the office, while I use the laptop that I borrowed from my aunt weeks back because I’ll be needing the internet be able to find the necessary things I need to accomplish my agenda for the day. She is very dedicated on editing the analysis I’ve done, checking the details of it and adding up her own points for it. And so as everyone else, this is the only thing that we can actually do for the presentation is up tomorrow. Or is it?

After a day’s work, when my partner is about to transfer what she had done from the desktop to my laptop through our USBs. It surprised us when we opened it on the laptop, all the files that were inside a folder were on short cut—meaning, it can’t be opened; it’ s corrupted. All May’s creative works that were saved in her USB was all expunged up. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Nothing. Zippo. Everything’s gone. Trashed out of the bin in that instant. Good thing, we were able to recover the things that she did and have it on the laptop. Gawd. Our USBs, poor poor thing.

You can’t keep everything under your control. Somewhere, sometimes, somehow, it’s gonna be gone and you can’t do anything about it once it’s lost. Er.

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