The Beginning of a Battle

I arrived at the office in the afternoon because I accompanied Shiela to school. Excuse a good friend here. And so as we were waiting for the others to arrive for us to take our lunches, I checked the laptop up. Shiela inserted her USB on the laptop and wolah! Her files were all gone as well! And there’s this pop-up box that keeps on appearing every time I insert a USB—and once you close it, it just comes back up. I hate it. It made me worry ‘cause if every time a USB will be inserted and the files will be corrupted, man, my aunt will kill me! Ha! I was so worried that I became so serious. It’s not my normal self, you know. It’s frustrating that time, really.

Then, since I can’t do anything yet, I just continued on our Data Interpretation. After some time, I feel well enough and was back to my old me. Ha ha. Plus, I asked my mom on what to do about the virus that was in the laptop and she told me to go to her office afterwards so an IT specialist can look over the problem. With all these things, no need to worry myself anymore. Every burden has taken care of.

Before we went home, we needed to see our Trainers first. They’re gonna disclose some important things to us. And we bet it’s about the presentation. What could it be? Our hints are so right. Miss Shane gave us a schedule to follow already; because apparently, if she wouldn’t set the deadline, we wouldn’t be dealing with it. Like deal with it, seriously. And so, here is our new-and-no-retreat-no-surrender schedule:

  • March 29 – Submission of the final study.  No more excuses.
  • March 30 – The study will be returned to us and we’ll revise it. No more thinking-twice.
  • March 31 – Presentation time! No more holding back.

The end is near and we’ll face our final curtain next week. Warng! Lezz go, lezz go! May our good Lord be with us wherever we go! Shout love. Big hugs. High-fives. Peace! :)

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