Friday is the Next Chapter

His dark brown eyes and the way it tells a story
Those big wide smiles
For her, it’s kind of awry
He’s being gentle and for the way he abetted her
It touches her very core
A poetry was written for her to remember

He’s someone new, at least for her, he is
She doesn’t really care
But what is this?
It’s like Miss Fate dating out Mister Chances
Like gallons of water filling in their wine glasses

She can’t utter a word on the struck of wonders
One word: she is ‘flabbergasted’
He was someone she didn’t expect
She never meant him to be his prince
And rescue her, the damsel in distress

And there she was, sitting beside the door
With all the papers scattered around her bedroom floor
She finished scribbling that piece of note–
A new poetry to deny her his vote

Dedicated to Shiela May Familaran! Woot woot!

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