Breaking Down Walls

I’m getting used on being late since the last week of February—now this, for me, is frustrating. I was never-not on time before or at least an hour or so late, unlike what I’m doing now. Although we are accountable on our own times, meaning, we can go to work at any time we please just as long as we finish all our works; frustrating it is to act like a late-bird every time. Much frustrating is, I know what is wrong with what I’m doing and yet I don’t comprehend on it in my mind.

Acting out is way harder than speaking it out loud. No will power found on my calloused heart and stubborn mind. The spark on doing the things I’m ought to do was gone. It’s like I’m facing what I call, the research wall. The stumble stages of researchers who were having hard times to ignite the fire of their craft. Because of all the busyness we faced for our thesis and Media Literacy requirements; the love for research—for our study—was misplaced. Today, I only finished doing the Data Cleaning and nothing more. Er.

Once you got the chance to have a one-on-one on your weaknesses, you need to find where your strength is. For where your weakness is, there is your strength will be shown. Efforts on finding the all-spark that I need are on the search. Never give up hope; fire away that pocketful of sun shines. You have to break those bricks by boring brick one hit at a time.

Digital Hi-Five!

Let me tell you about a girl who fascinates me, a lot.

For one, she is one of my sisters-in-Christ at school; a very close friend of mine; an inspiration to our generation; a woman who belongs to God. This girl is soooo talented–she sings, dances, acts and do whatever else that you can ask one person to do; she does it with excellence and flying colors. Why so? Everything she does or about to do, she makes sure that it’s gonna be the best of who she is. Why? She performs for an audience of One. I salute her for that. I think that positivity that she possesses is what everyone’s needing today. You know, it’s not about us, who we are or what we can do. It’s about who He is, what He has done for us and what can we give back to Him in praise. :)

Someday, I wanted to be someone like her. Coz right now, I’m still a work in progress. Someone who can put a smile and pride on God’s heart. When that comes, I could finally say that I’ve done IT. Haha. For now, give it up for the astonishing, Myla Sambas. Woot woot!

Congratulations on grabbing the First Spot on the Battle of the Acoustic bands at GGCFC! To God be all the glory! :)

Come-back Blubbery


ISACC I’m back! I’ve been out last Tuesday and Wednesday due to our school campaign and thesis meetings; those were the most tiring days of my life. Imagine, I went on Taekwondo class last Monday, then, off to Campaign meeting; then, went on campaigning the next day and meeting our Professor for a bunch of deathly-fying requirements. The day after that, me and my Thesis Group Mates who were my Office Mates as well (Mayu and Mari) went to school to fix something for our thesis. Experienced some disappointments and decided to eat our sorrows away. We’re moving on life that way, you see.

Anyways, finally I got the chance to report for work today. And so here I am and as unusual I’m late again; only found Jandi in the room–no Jessica, Shiela, Mari, Mayu, Jake or Tolits. But Mayu said she’s gonna be in after lunch; the other guys, though, are busy with their Campaign Meetings. Me and Jandi got our places on the only two computers at the office. How blessed!

After an hour or so, Miss Shane visited us to give us an assignment for the day. She needs us to work on an overview for the Middle East Crisis–background, history and its general implication to the nation.

Honestly, I wasn’t able to watch the news these past few weeks and although I got an idea that there’s something’s wrong in the Middle East, I don’t really know what’s happening. Good job me. And so, I did the task of researching, reading, analyzing and what-not. At the very least, I fed this not-so-big-of-a-brain-I-have the latest news and happenings in Libya, Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. At the end of the day when we submitted all our researches with a-little-bit-of-what-I-call short intros and interpretation, the phrase very good was all we needed to ease those cram-my brain cells we had earlier that morning. Oh gawd, hearing those (or reading it—straight from our Boss’ type-chat) is oh-some. You can see my happiness beyond my eyes even though that was a simple task that we completed. Ha ha. J

Just when we thought the Day would end with a happy note, we better think again. Before we went home, we needed to see Sir Rei for our consultation. Heavy, hardcore, brain-bleeding consultation. I swear. He said that we did the right analysis for those data that we got, but we have to critically interpret it—see beyond all those reasons and give one-of-a-kind explanations. Wow. This is me, translating all the he said in a less complicated manner. If you were there listening with our conversation, you’d probably end up like my team mate, Mayu—lost in the airwaves and hanging by a moment. I needed to stay strong and make a face for our group and so I did. Ha ha. Exaggerating.

There were too many things that we ought to do still. It’s mind-blocking sometimes and worth-quitting. No. we don’t need to find a reason to be a quitter in a battle. Every problem won’t have the answer as the limit does not exist. There’s always an equation to find the logarithm. Pray hard. Work harder.


To Wait in Vain

Yesterday was the day we’re ought to be done; today was the day we’re supposed to be resting. All the many things we have for-planned were now gone in shambles. What do you do when God allow these things to happen? When He shows you that it won’t be that way—the way you have thought it to be—it was never like that ever since day one? Who are we to mess our plans with God in the first place? One should learn to accept the way things are, the way life can twist and have sudden turns. Clean slates are once again offered—new mood board for new plans is lowered down on discount prices. We’re gonna be staying a little-too-long in the Supermarket.

It has been a long day. Every group was trying to do their efforts for their assigned tasks. The Pack (us, the Interns) is having few breaks once in a while to let a breathe-in and breathe-out exercise for our congested brain juices. Once the clock strikes six in the evening, we know what that means: prepare to go home. This day, though, it seemed different. Jessica, Jandi and Jake decided to use the company’s benefits for printing their study-needs for them to proceed to their next levels on interpretation. And so, as good friends, Me, Mayu and Shiela agreed to wait for them. Downstairs is where we’re waiting, an hour passed by, no trace of them yet. Another hour is peeking; even the smell of their afternoon breath is nowhere to be found. With patience hanging a little loose, we chose to visit them upstairs to see if everything’s okay. They’re just printing, for goodness’ sake, how long can that take?

Once we’re at the workplace again, then, we knew the hardships they’re currently battling with the computers of the office. Not one of it was kind to let them use it and print their works. It was a funny patience-killing moments of our lives. And so, from the time that they got it all working together and we’re just doing another round of waiting, we toured at Madame Melba’s sanctuary. It was way too cool at her place; it has a mini library, lounge and other quite cute stuffs. We all never missed the chance to take photos of this eye-warming abode. It was really cool, I tell you.

After all the wait was over, finally, home is where we are headed next. Another week has gone by. Time flies so quickly. Reduce your speed and take your sips of coffee, sit down to look around on the wonders of the world.

Last Day Not

According to the work plan that we have provided our Trainers before, we should be done with all our studies by now. Or so we did not think nor did they expect. Where are all my coherence has gone again? Tell me.

I went on a half day today to accompany Mayu, who is my thesis mate and team mate for Audience Research, to fix something for our thesis. We arrived at the office nearly a quarter before one in the afternoon. Our thesis is paving its way for one big hump on the back ride of our pressured Hummer rides. It is so frustrating how everything just mumbled it-selves up to give us a headache for managing poor time schedules. It’s all back-firing to us now. Ha!

Our Internship days will be extended, not of our own will, but of our own works. I mean, if we could have started everything in a smooth-fast-lane; maybe, we’re done by now. Instead, we let ourselves to lax out everything to the max and cram on the last two minutes after realizing that we can’t beat the buzzer. Oh wow. How long are we going to be like this? Will we finish everything on the next time that will be given?

The finger is pointed at the mirror on who to blame. Dang!