One Dream, Gone. Again.

Last week I was a failure for I wasn’t able to watch the The Script Concert, and tomorrow, I shall be an Epic on failing for I won’t be able to watch yet another concert from another favorite band: Switchfoot. Boo me. To anyone who’s generous enough to give me tickets, I would really REALLY appreciate it. Gawd. I promise I’ll be watching them performing Live someday. For now, let’s feast on some of their oh-some songs and music videos. ;D

This one’s my favorite. The Awakening.

This too. Stars.

Well, this is definitely not yet the end of my favorite songs list. Meant to Live.


Hello Hurricanes. The list can go on, but let’s limit to this one. :D

Tiiiiiiiiiiiickets! Where art thou shall I find you, for freeeeeeeeeeeeeee? Ha! Someday, I promise. Someday, this.

No Way Out

I’m in pain

I’m in deep pain

Why are you keeping me waiting in vain?

Do you want me to go insane?

I know you’re hurting now,

Just a bit of taps and comfort

It seems like you don’t wanna feel them somehow

You’re just right over there

And I’m just few inches away

But why?

Why don’t you want me to act in the most endearing way?

You said you don’t wanna breake loose and cry

I said, I just wanna hold you tight

I’m just right over here

And seeing you like that–

It hurts me coz the situation forbids me to do anything

You don’t want me to do anything

Just shout “Help!” and I don’t care

Even if I’m barefooted, I’ll be running

So I can be there.

Wrote this for a friend few months ago. It was the time when that friend of mine faced the eye of the storm and I can’t do anything about it. Yeah. Ha! When you can’t do anything about a situation and it kills you being trapped in it; just let your heart write out the words your mouth is too scared to let go. Rawr! Cheers! Good thing everyone’s okay now. :)

Say What?

Up until our last day
I won’t tell you that—
I like the way you put your hands behind my waist
The way they gently hold my back
I like the time you grabbed my arms so tight when you faced a bit of a stage-fright
I like the stories I see behind those eyes, and
The happiness you shared with those big wide smiles

I won’t tell you how—
My heart skipped its beat the first time I saw you
I remembered doing all kinds of things just to take hold one single moment of you
My stomach lurched for all the butterflies you gave–
Reading all those messages is like being lost in a wonderful maze

I won’t tell you why—
I always love the way you call me with that exclusive name we have
You always make me feel beautiful even others believe otherwise
You don’t know how i appreciate you saying those words and doing those acts
Even if it doesn’t mean a thing to you
For me, it’s magic and there were stars that sparkle too

I vowed to immediately stop whatever it is that i felt
But I’m always the Miss Failure in the whole hard-and-long-process
I still thought of you as my knight and my prince
And somehow, I’m your damsel and your princess

Ergo, I hope your heart can read between the lines and through
For when that day comes that i had to let go of you
Even when i won’t speak a word
This poem is enough to tell you
That yeah, I really like you

*You wouldn’t like this, would you? I know. Don’t worry, I know where to go. Haha! Cheers! :)

Backstage Pass

I stand not too far from where you are
Gathering my nerves to say (even just the word) ‘Hi!’
It looked, however, like my friend Courage
Crawled its way back the box of Pandora
Locked itself up and threw out the keys
Deep down the you-can-never-have-it-today Ocean

Thus, the choice it had left me resolve to something unbearable
Because even when I wore my heart on my sleeve that day
And screamed your name a hundred times as loud as I can
There was not a single word that came out

You looked around and I knew you met my gaze
It didn’t last for a second, though
That’s how fast you looked away
I am not someone interesting
See, you didn’t notice me
You didn’t notice how my eyes shouted out the words my lips cannot even muster

Then came Mister Popular
All the girls took pictures of him and he gave them his brightest smile
You’re at the other side
I know you’re gonna be that Mister Famous too someday
As they gather around him, I gathered my thoughts around you
How can someone like me be the subject of attention of someone like you?

I found myself waking up from my Daydream
As I learned that I had to leave so soon
I whispered my soft farewell to the wind
And hoped that the airwaves led my message across to you–

That I love your shy smile
And the way you sing along at the background
Although I can no longer stay
I’ll gather all my nerves now so I can say ‘hi’ to you someday


Dedicated for Mister Dreamer. Haha. This is all I can say when I didn’t find the courage to say ‘Hi’ to you that day. :)

Indeed, a Joyride!

It’s been three months since we started to have Training as Research Interns at the Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture. What can I say but it’s such an amazing opportunity to have worked with the people behind the Organization specially with our Trainers Sir Rei and Miss Shane. They’ve thought us everything we needed to learn and be aware of when it comes to research. And I must say, they thought us A LOT–from the brain-bleeding consultations up to the nerve-racking Presentations.

At the very first day of being in the Training Ground, I felt as if I’m just working at home. It was a very warm, nurturing and accommodating environment. Everyone (the staffs) are always smiling and is just very happy at what they do. It’s like family we have there; I’m very grateful for that kind of relationship that was shared to us.

As for all that we’ve done. Research, primarily. You can say, it’s kinda hard at times. The pressure to do this-and-that, to show the relationship of this-to that and to analyze everything in a much deeper way–sometimes, you just want to quit and ask yourself as to why you continue doing it. But everything is worth the patience, the understanding and the courage to face the challenge. Although there’s pressure, you’ll find wisdom, knowledge, guidance and strength given by the One up above and it was overwhelming. Maybe, there are times that you just acted that ‘I can’t do it’ and ‘I wanna give up’ but you will do otherwise for you know that the Trainers only wants what’s best for you and your study.

The journey that we have will always remain in our hearts and is something that we’ll treasure forever. Thank You Trainers and ISACC for this wonderful souvenir! We owe you big time. God bless! :)