Indeed, a Joyride!

It’s been three months since we started to have Training as Research Interns at the Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture. What can I say but it’s such an amazing opportunity to have worked with the people behind the Organization specially with our Trainers Sir Rei and Miss Shane. They’ve thought us everything we needed to learn and be aware of when it comes to research. And I must say, they thought us A LOT–from the brain-bleeding consultations up to the nerve-racking Presentations.

At the very first day of being in the Training Ground, I felt as if I’m just working at home. It was a very warm, nurturing and accommodating environment. Everyone (the staffs) are always smiling and is just very happy at what they do. It’s like family we have there; I’m very grateful for that kind of relationship that was shared to us.

As for all that we’ve done. Research, primarily. You can say, it’s kinda hard at times. The pressure to do this-and-that, to show the relationship of this-to that and to analyze everything in a much deeper way–sometimes, you just want to quit and ask yourself as to why you continue doing it. But everything is worth the patience, the understanding and the courage to face the challenge. Although there’s pressure, you’ll find wisdom, knowledge, guidance and strength given by the One up above and it was overwhelming. Maybe, there are times that you just acted that ‘I can’t do it’ and ‘I wanna give up’ but you will do otherwise for you know that the Trainers only wants what’s best for you and your study.

The journey that we have will always remain in our hearts and is something that we’ll treasure forever. Thank You Trainers and ISACC for this wonderful souvenir! We owe you big time. God bless! :)

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