Backstage Pass

I stand not too far from where you are
Gathering my nerves to say (even just the word) ‘Hi!’
It looked, however, like my friend Courage
Crawled its way back the box of Pandora
Locked itself up and threw out the keys
Deep down the you-can-never-have-it-today Ocean

Thus, the choice it had left me resolve to something unbearable
Because even when I wore my heart on my sleeve that day
And screamed your name a hundred times as loud as I can
There was not a single word that came out

You looked around and I knew you met my gaze
It didn’t last for a second, though
That’s how fast you looked away
I am not someone interesting
See, you didn’t notice me
You didn’t notice how my eyes shouted out the words my lips cannot even muster

Then came Mister Popular
All the girls took pictures of him and he gave them his brightest smile
You’re at the other side
I know you’re gonna be that Mister Famous too someday
As they gather around him, I gathered my thoughts around you
How can someone like me be the subject of attention of someone like you?

I found myself waking up from my Daydream
As I learned that I had to leave so soon
I whispered my soft farewell to the wind
And hoped that the airwaves led my message across to you–

That I love your shy smile
And the way you sing along at the background
Although I can no longer stay
I’ll gather all my nerves now so I can say ‘hi’ to you someday


Dedicated for Mister Dreamer. Haha. This is all I can say when I didn’t find the courage to say ‘Hi’ to you that day. :)

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