No Way Out

I’m in pain

I’m in deep pain

Why are you keeping me waiting in vain?

Do you want me to go insane?

I know you’re hurting now,

Just a bit of taps and comfort

It seems like you don’t wanna feel them somehow

You’re just right over there

And I’m just few inches away

But why?

Why don’t you want me to act in the most endearing way?

You said you don’t wanna breake loose and cry

I said, I just wanna hold you tight

I’m just right over here

And seeing you like that–

It hurts me coz the situation forbids me to do anything

You don’t want me to do anything

Just shout “Help!” and I don’t care

Even if I’m barefooted, I’ll be running

So I can be there.

Wrote this for a friend few months ago. It was the time when that friend of mine faced the eye of the storm and I can’t do anything about it. Yeah. Ha! When you can’t do anything about a situation and it kills you being trapped in it; just let your heart write out the words your mouth is too scared to let go. Rawr! Cheers! Good thing everyone’s okay now. :)

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