These and That. Oh, and That too!

I know. I know. I should be posting stuffs here about the Pre-Grad, Grad and Post-Grad happenings. And I’m not doing it. Sorry. Promise to do that real soon. No need to worry, though, for the dates where you publish an article can be edited. And besides, I don’t even know if someone’s really reading and cares about what I got to say or do. Ha! So, going back.


The Month of May has been very very good to me with the guidance of the One up above–aside from graduating my four year course of Communication Research, by God’s grace, I’m a Cum Laude as well. And that “honor” gave me a lot of bonuses, I may say.


First up, my Aunts. Upon learning that I have been awarded with s; they, in turn, rewarded me with some of the things I wanted. And so, I have these two amazing gadgets at hand courtesy of them.

Meet Viktor–an iPod Touch 4th Generation.

This is from the generosity of my Aunt living in Japan. When she found out about everything I’ve been through she’s close to my mom’s heart as well, so that’s where the proud genes are coming from, she was deeply touched and asked me as to what I like to have as a present. The first thing that pops on my mind is an iPod. And there I have it.

And we also have Jurassic–IBM Model 2003.

How new, right? Haha! This is the first ever laptop my other Aunt had before when she was just starting a career and it was handed down over to me. Now this to me is priceless. It’s vintage, baby! Ha! It’s just fun to know that as I’m starting my own little career that I’ll have to go through using the hand-me-downs and really old stuffs BUT I’ll make this the coolest old thang you could ever see in this weird planet! Oh yes! wink wink. ;)

Secondly. I have this latest experience of being a Jury in a famous talent show–the Talentadong Pinoy. Because of the grace that I received, look where it took me. :)

This is me taking pictures while the taping is on Break Time.

And that above are my Co-Juries. How cute!

This guy loves singing on set–Mister Ryan Agoncillo. Sorry for the very malabong kuha. :| And he’s the host of the one and only:

You got that right! :)

And my entourage in the Showbiz industry will be aired this Saturday. I think it’s around seven or nine in the evening. Ohnoez, I’m not so sure. Haha!

Finally, guess what happened to me today?

When me and my best friend Khay met up two weeks before, she told me that I might have problems looking for job or I enjoy bumming around too much. And then out of the blue I just told her, wait for June 1 and I’ll start working struts out. Always remember, what you proclaim to happen will happen so you better watch it.

And yes. I’ll be starting to work on Wednesday, June 1. I’ll be a Program Officer under Research Publications and Communications at the Christian Convergence on Good Governance in Quezon City. I’m a certified NGO baby because of this. :) I accepted the offer for the reason that I know I’ll learn A LOT after all of it. It’s gonna be rocking my brains out and I would love a thrill, so.

Plus, my dreams of riding a sub-way to work will finally initialize. I loved that feeling kase except if the case is MRT. But it’s LRT. And it’s making me happy. :)

And I would love buying one of these. Yay! Dream come true! Happy me.

And at the end of the day, all praise and glory belong to our King of Kings! Truly He’s so wonderful–favors upon favors. :)

Try out your guts. Be chosen. Enjoy the perks. Cheers! ;)

Every Once in a While

Have you been into a place for so long and along came time where you had to leave it for something better? At one point in time, all of us have been to that situation.

 I have this cousin, we’re about the same age and you can say that we grew kinda close with each other. Before, they’re living not too far a block from home. Then things change and just happen that they had to move into a place elsewhere (well that elsewhere is still near our home, ha!).  Anyhooo, she just amazes me because after all these years, she never forgot and she always cherish her younger years back to that old street. She’d ask me to accompany her to visit that place at certain times and she’d even told me that whenever she’s on her way to visit us or on her way to go to her mom’s office, she drives along that street. When she revealed this to me, I was thinking, “Wow. That’s weird.” But who she is and what she does and why she do it, it just reminded me that: no matter where you are now, what you have achieved or trying to (at least), you should not forget where you came from. I thought of her as weird but thinking of her just that, makes me the weirder one. I should’ve get that message in the first place. Oh yeah. 

People can really teach you some things in life just looking at what they do, can’t they? Observe around. Listen to every sound. Breathe life. Cheers! 


Been busy for a while there, promise to post all photos, poems and whatever else soon. Keep posted. :) I’ll be posting my Graduation Pictures oh yes, I did and Holy Week Vacations I know, I know, plus what I did before graduating College *winks*. Cheerios. Bye for now. ;)

Facetious Visions

hey! it’s coco. a dreamer. a [hopeless] romantic, i must say. a genuine humorous person. a killer – of mosquitos. a servant of the Lord. and now, a [trying hard] blogger. oh yeah.

what keeps me alive are chocolates, pizza, gummy candies, marshmallows, ice cream.. hey, they’re all food! ha ha! but seriously, so many things hype me up. i love photography. i love music. i love being in my sanctuary, daydreaming, making stories, or just scribbling ideas that pop out of my mind. i love loving. i love my family, friends, and the Almighty. i love being me.

i never imagined that i would be making blogs (usually stories) of my own and having to promote my (then) hidden thoughts and sometimes reblogging interesting pictures (with proper citation, i think) affiliated to my character, some photos coming from the net, and a few which originally came from me (AND IT WILL BE STATED). well this is seriously out of this world for me. but hey, i’m here. sharing a piece of my heart to you, people… and i’m LIKIN’ ittt!

if your interest still hasn’t come up after seeing my page, i’d be more than willing to CHANGE–if and only if it’s for the betterment of my site. hah! selfish me. just kidding! i’d love to hear from you! just click the “Ask Away” button below this. take care, fellow tumblrista! :)

–Oh yes! This is a hippie friend of mine, Maria Conoel (and that above is her uber nice what-can-I-say-about-myself-except-I’m-cool *and yes she is* “Profile”). Visit her blogsite HERE! Have fun! Cheerios! ;)

The Wait is Finally Over!

The Official Music Video of the Hey Daydreamer song by Rez Toledo of Someday Dream was finally launched last Sunday, First of May. Yay! And I only got the chance to watch it now. Boo me. So for all of the fans out there, check out this kewl video by the Dream Team. Woot Woot! ;)

Noice chemistry there for Jasmine and Rez. *winks*