Facetious Visions

hey! it’s coco. a dreamer. a [hopeless] romantic, i must say. a genuine humorous person. a killer – of mosquitos. a servant of the Lord. and now, a [trying hard] blogger. oh yeah.

what keeps me alive are chocolates, pizza, gummy candies, marshmallows, ice cream.. hey, they’re all food! ha ha! but seriously, so many things hype me up. i love photography. i love music. i love being in my sanctuary, daydreaming, making stories, or just scribbling ideas that pop out of my mind. i love loving. i love my family, friends, and the Almighty. i love being me.

i never imagined that i would be making blogs (usually stories) of my own and having to promote my (then) hidden thoughts and sometimes reblogging interesting pictures (with proper citation, i think) affiliated to my character, some photos coming from the net, and a few which originally came from me (AND IT WILL BE STATED). well this is seriously out of this world for me. but hey, i’m here. sharing a piece of my heart to you, people… and i’m LIKIN’ ittt!

if your interest still hasn’t come up after seeing my page, i’d be more than willing to CHANGE–if and only if it’s for the betterment of my site. hah! selfish me. just kidding! i’d love to hear from you! just click the “Ask Away” button below this. take care, fellow tumblrista! :)

–Oh yes! This is a hippie friend of mine, Maria Conoel (and that above is her uber nice what-can-I-say-about-myself-except-I’m-cool *and yes she is* “Profile”). Visit her blogsite HERE! Have fun! Cheerios! ;)

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