Every Once in a While

Have you been into a place for so long and along came time where you had to leave it for something better? At one point in time, all of us have been to that situation.

 I have this cousin, we’re about the same age and you can say that we grew kinda close with each other. Before, they’re living not too far a block from home. Then things change and just happen that they had to move into a place elsewhere (well that elsewhere is still near our home, ha!).  Anyhooo, she just amazes me because after all these years, she never forgot and she always cherish her younger years back to that old street. She’d ask me to accompany her to visit that place at certain times and she’d even told me that whenever she’s on her way to visit us or on her way to go to her mom’s office, she drives along that street. When she revealed this to me, I was thinking, “Wow. That’s weird.” But who she is and what she does and why she do it, it just reminded me that: no matter where you are now, what you have achieved or trying to (at least), you should not forget where you came from. I thought of her as weird but thinking of her just that, makes me the weirder one. I should’ve get that message in the first place. Oh yeah. 

People can really teach you some things in life just looking at what they do, can’t they? Observe around. Listen to every sound. Breathe life. Cheers! 


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