Ready. Set. Play.

For the last week and now, I feel a little bit better concerning my work. I remember the past days (month actually) it’s been real tough for me. I pressured myself on the things that I should be doing; the way I should be perfect at all things yet at the end I’m frustrated coz of my mediocrity; the environment that I should get a fast feel on so as not to get left behind; and other I-should-always-be-a-100percent-in-everything-I-do-so-people-will-praise-me thoughts (which is also a 100 percent wrong motivation). Thank God, I’m recovering now from all those flapdoodle acts and driving force. At least, I’m advancing towards the light one step at a time.

This week, even the past as well, I’m beginning to understand where am I standing and why do i need to do what I do now–work related stuffs. I’ll share all those learnings some other time so you better hang on coz today it’s gonna be something different–some breaths of fresh air. Are you game? If you happen to continue to read from this point forward, it’s your choice and don’t blame me at the end. ;)

Orayt! I’ve been meaning to do this here (on WordPress–I only do these things on my Tumblr account) so you’ll understand me on a much personal way. Winks ;) Ready or not, I’m firing out the…

25 Random Things About Me!
Here we go.

1. I eat a lot. I’m frustrated when I don’t get to eat my usuals (tons of rice even for a mini ulam) because of my pagpipilit to diet at night.

2. My three favorite hair comb at home are all bungal. In English, few comb teeth left. And I’m still using them. Such luv!

3. Haven’t been on any relationships since birth. It’s a choice.

4. I dunno how to cook and I don’t have the initiative to learn yet.

5. Whenever I travel (or in other words, commuting) alone, that’s the time I feel most relaxed in my entire life. It’s my best Me Time.

6. I appreciated reading books only when I started college. Not much of a bookworm and a fan of classic literatures. Until now, I have the utmost adornment for chic lits and not classics.

7. My Facebook account, I use for inspiring. My Twitter is for my mini blogging. :)

8. I’m pike (read as pi-ke). I dunno what that is in English but it’s not some dreadful illness. I consider it as an asset. It’s the kind where when you walk, your knees are kind of close to each other. I dunno how to explain anymore. Observe me when we meet. Ha!

9. I love to be treated like a lady.

10. I’m afraid to commit mistakes and as a result, fail. However, I always get an A++ in the Failure Department. It’s not that all bad coz you learn a lot from it. For reals.

11. I’m the number one fan of guys acting in the most gentlemanly way.

12. I still believe that I’ll see the Pasig River with crystal clear waters some time soon.

13. I burp like Shrek and you can call me Fionna. :)

14. I’m not a big fan of bananas, Harry Potter and Twilight Saga.

15. I don’t know how to deal with the guys. Talking with guys, especially the ones I just recently met, is a total pain. I guess I need to prepare conversation topics for them. A factor that contributed to the number 3 of this list.

16. My life’s ultimate goal is to make my Big Dad Above smile at what I do and live as a testimony for the people here down.

17. Whenever I eat almond chocolates, I first eat the chocolates then later, the almonds. If you know what they look like. Do the math. Haha.

18. I love to give people advises even though they’re not asking for one.

19. I’m starting to like my job now.

20. I love the smell of papers, old books and raspberries.

21. My hair fall is severe but my hair is severely thick still.

22. People watching is what I do most of the time. It’s from those people that I got my craft to write.

23. I’m pa-sosyal. (Noticeable!)

24. Ever since I got Viktor (my iPod), my journal time on my journal notebook went from less to none. Since I always put my inputs on Viktor na.

25. I dreamt to be an Inspirational Speaker; that explains my monologuing at times whenever I’m alone. Weirdo me.

Done! Woot woot! It’s not possible to put everything in here, though, at least you know something about me already. I wanna know about you too! Tell me five random things about you. I’ll wait. (This is me acting like I really got some readers here.)

Eat broccoli and be happy! Good morning! Great days. :)


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