Weather or Not

At this moment (that I’m writing this) it’s only eleven in the morning. I’m at the office as I’m supposed to be and there’s no other person here except me. The rain is pouring real hard and the lightning and thunder are kinda scary. Okay, major scary. I’m truly afraid of them. It’s black out in here already and I’m just anxiously waiting for the electricity to come up. But I think it’s not gonna be showing up progress anytime soon.

I don’t mind being alone for quite long but I wish at this time I have someone with me here. Well, Big Dad is always with me everywhere I go so that’s what I need to ponder upon. I just thought, I’m blessed because even I’m alone at the office and there’s heavy rain and scary thunder and lightning, at least I’m safe and have a decent place to rest. Others don’t. Thus, let’s pray that our fellow men will be spared from flashfloods and landslides which is prevalent in our urban and rural areas.

Then, I’ll be random~

Sometimes in our lives, we don’t see the bestest things–we always look for more. We are given so much but are we good stewards of what was given to us? We waste it often times, you see. We complain and grumble as if it’s God’s duty to bless us. And even when He gave what we need, we felt as if it doesn’t suffice because it’s not what we want. Our mindset is poor therefore yielding bad motives and mediocre actions. And yes, I’m very guilty of this.

The art of appreciating every single thing that is happening in our lives should be one of our priorities. Somebody once said, life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it. Dig this, whatever’s happening in our lives right now is the outcome of our mindset and thoughts. It’s a choice we made. And I believe that we always know which way to go–right or wrong. Yet we choose to follow the easy path which give us things we ‘thought’ we needed which at the end won’t matter. Nobody said doing the right ways are easy. It’s never easy, it’s impossible. But with Big D’s help, it can be. Yes!

Alright, i dunno if i make sense. All i really wanna say is for you to take extra care. Rainy days are extra effort. Okay?

And oh, by the way, hello month of August! Let’s do and be the best this month and the months to come. Yay!!!

Meditate. Listen. Live. Cheers!

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