Bookmark: The ISACC Intern Experience

Forgive me for posting two-in-a-row article today minus my pananagalog. I just need to post these uber worth-remembering pictures of my Internship Days at the Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture ISACC. Finally, after the long wait.

Hooray for my Internship Mates!

Sir Rei.

Miss Shane.

Woot woot for the Supervisors!!!

Sir Bry.

Other happy faces of ISACC staffs!

T’was one fun ride, indeed!

And I still miss all those memories of Internship, Friends, Trainers…What I’m trying to say is, I miss College Life each and every day. Ha!

If you can’t bring it back, just remember it. And I remember them all. :)

Just a bit random. Hooray times two for Creativity! This video is love! Grabbed at Hello-Rio.

Refresh your mind. Renew your spirit.



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