Getting Back On Track

These past few months, actually past few years, I’m inconsistent when it comes to the most important thing in my life–my faith and how I act on it. It’s like I’m getting farther away the goal line.

Being and living a Christian life is really hard and impossible when you don’t depend on God. You won’t go anywhere without He’s help, I’m telling you. You know as a follower of Christ, your life testimony is your proof that you truly received Jesus as your Lord and Savior. You turn away 180 degrees from sin and do all you can to flee away from doing it. Also, you develop responsibilities and understand what the Bible is telling you about your life AND you have a Holy Spirit that guides you–in your Bible Reading, knowing Christ more especially on your Quiet Time.

Quiet Time is like your date with God. You do it regularly so as to feed your Holy Spirit; fulfill your heart, soul and mind; and fight the deceptions of evil. It’s like your bullet from a gun–a weapon in a time of war (I know you get what I mean). That very thing though, has been my struggle. I’m losing my Quiet Time because I focus not on the right path–sort of my real purpose here. I get all too blinded of getting all my comfort from the world which is VERY WRONG and before I knew it, I’ve been puddling on the mud for so long. Well, God is good and gracious and gives countless chances. Just when I’m being succumbed with all the lies of the devil (because I’m not in line with God’s will for my life since I’m not reading the Bible and compromising my Quiet Time) He rescued me. I asked Him in prayer if I would still be accepted even when I forsake Him so many times and He gave me Matthew 7:8 as the answer. I’ll let you find that one out for yourself. :)

I know, if anyone is reading this post, you cannot truly relate with it. I’m very all over the bush when I narrate my story BUT your prayers will help me a lot. I’m recommitting my relationship with my Father again and with His grace and some Christian friends’ guidance, this phase of my life I shall surpass. And when that day comes, I’d be the most joyful for all the learnings that I would get from experiencing it.

Thus, I’ll be getting a leave on my blogging since it’s one of the factors that eats up most of my time. It’s one of the many things I need to sacrifice for now while I’m still waiting on Discipline to take over every area of my life– most especially, my relationship with the One who really matters until forever.

So yeah, I need your prayers. Thank you and God bless. Seeyah some time soon!!! :)

Philippines Represent!


Vivica A. Fox: Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person you love? Why or why not?

Shamcey Supsup: If i would have to change my religious beliefs, I would not marry the person that I love. Because the first person that I love is God, who created me. I have my faith and my principles, and this is what makes me who I am. If the person loves me, he’ll love my God too.

Congratulations Shamcey Supsup, Miss Universe 2011 3rd Runner Up! Indeed, beauty, brains, and values!

— Shamcey Supsup, Miss Universe 2011 3rd runner-up
— my mom’s answer to people bashing on shamcey’s answer

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Hello Shortness!

From this…
To this…
And you might wanna treat yourself this…

HAHA. I’m severely wala sa ayos! I decided to have my hair cut off yesterday because I’m loosing patience on having it longer…than ever. Ha! Say whuut? Moreover, having haircut means new beginnings and letting go of the past. Okay, now I’m not getting any sense at all.

Enjoy Dark Luv! Lindt is happiness. ;) eat plenty. Don’t let your tummy be empty. Cheers!

Raising White Flag

I never knew if you have figured me out
I was affright to ask
I always wanted to tell you how you make me feel
You didn’t get my words, though
But yours was clear

I hoped for luck that I could never get
I bargained for destiny way out of my league
My mind told me to stop
I guess, my heart was numb to even listen
Silently wishing for Mr. Chances to favor my side

Then fate had to perform its duties one day
I felt as if it’s a bit cruel on me doing such
When it caught me off guard to know
That you found your shooting star
The kind, you said, you’ll never let go of

And all the magic ended
All the sparks flew away
It’s like going three phases back
Where our books are sealed
On a Chapter called Wishful-thinking and Possibilities

~finally I wrote a poem again but this one’s not kinda good. I guess, when I’m on my down-point I can’t really write good materials. Nevertheless, I’ll settle for this now. And oh yes, I need some practicing on my poem writing again.

It’s coming to an end. No more chasing pavements. Okay, so this is the point where everybody should surrender their own battles. :)

Just Because…

I’m busy this whole week that doesn’t mean I can’t take a five minute time off from all the work, thus, here I am showing off some photo art I’ve done during the non-busy-30-to-40-minutes in random days:


This is from May-bondings in Batangas with Bud and Lyks. I thought it’d be cool to do the collage-ing since we got plenty of nice shots there (some of it, I wasn’t able to fit in the collage), however, it all turned out as a people-photo since anywhere you look, you’ll see our gorgeous faces! HAHA.


This one is a series of successful jump shots of myself (I’m so good, I know!)! The one on the top is taken in La Union while the other two in Batangas (during my bonding with Bud and Lyks).


This one is a transition from Miss Messy to Freshy! These pictures were taken over the weekend when I had to be an errand girl. And I think, I still am for this whole week due to our Training Activities at (my beloved school) PUP! Woot! ;)

I am loving to collage these days for no certain reason. I’m enjoying it for the record. HAHA. Anyhooo, I need to go back on working.

Ooops! Hold on! I need to plug this:

Happiness + Joy + Love! :)


I Thought of You

Dear GB,

Somebody once said, the word GB (God’s Best) is not to be defined as the guy which single Christian ladies are waiting all their life to come. God’s Best is simply defined as the life God has given you, walking together with Him all the days of your life. Because even there is someone you think is meant for you or there is none, God’s love is more than enough in this lifetime, especially onto eternity. Thus, I have a hard time thinking what other names should I call you aside from GB (when I have promised myself that I’ll stop hunting already) but I later realize that I’ll still call you that. You know, I love to write letters. Writing letters for you is something I always loved to do. So here I am, yet again.

I saw Gary V’s special TV episode earlier today. I stand teary-eyed how his family is so bonded together–the song they sung as a family touched my heart. And I found myself hoping that someday I’ll have a family like that–God is in the center of their relationship and it shows inside out. It’s amazing how faithful God is to His children who are truly faithful to Him–that even their family serves as an inspiration to the people they encounter in their lives. I would love to have something like that in the future. Are you a fan of those things too?

However, at my rate now, I have a lot of growing up to do before I get the chance to finally meet you and have a family like that in the future. I believe that I’m still young and I need to work on my relationship with my Father first before anything else. Isn’t it nice when we have been sustained and are complete with Jesus in our hearts and lives? When such, we could be capable of a much healthier relationship together. (How many ‘relationship’, ‘family’ and ‘in the future’ word did I say already? Ha!)

I’m still a work in progress. When I shine out God-like character in my life and is in a strong walk with Him shall I have the time to entertain you. So for now, nor the following year and next, I will be getting ready. To fulfill what Christ wants for me is on my top list. Meeting you though, would have to wait. But I pray, when we two meet, we both are ready by that time.

Let’s continue to pray for each other so we can arrive to that stage, okay?

Loyal forever,

World Premiere

Remember the times when you’re still small and cuddly
When all you care about was a role playing with your Barbie
You see your world full of magic and fantasy
Full of rainbows and ice creams and there’s your cute little pony

Then you stepped out of your castle and entered your school
Mommy left you crying, thinking she’s a bit cruel
“Worry not pretty girl, this will be your second home”,
Your teacher said suddenly, you smiled ‘coz you’re not alone

You faced each day with excitement, this time without fear
Making friends and enemies, gaining laughter and tears
Passing examinations made you nervous the most
Failing is your last option, definitely not something to boast

And surely this was the stage you didn’t want to miss
A roller coaster ride of your awesome High School years
That circle of friends you met are the coolest people in the world
Now tell me who’s this guy again you asked your heart to hold?

Now dear, look at you, you can’t be that cuddly little girl
You’ve turned into a woman, beautiful and delicate as a pearl
This wonderful lady who used to be small and loud
Is now a full-grown princess who makes her parents proud.

~due to my lack of time, I wasn’t able to write the poem for my best friend’s cousin. Thus, I asked the help of my writer friends (good thing, I have a pool of them) and one of them was able to meet the deadline.

The one who wrote this poem is a dear writer friend: Althea Muriel Pineda. I kinda liked it (and I mean, a lot) because it resembles how I write my poems–bright and sunny mood. I gave that title because it is for a debutante–she’s ready to be shown for the whole world to see.

Wonder who Thea is?

What i love about myself is my love for music. i love music as far as love is concerned. when feelings are getting out of my control, i just strum the six strings and everything goes to their respective places.

What i like about my life is when family, friends and loved ones share happiness and success with me. They are my strength and inspiration.

What i like about faith is you can’t question it. I believe in God and I believe He’s the only God.

What i like about life is there is a greater life after death.

~written by Thea herself on her site (click HERE to visit)

A friend in need will find a helpful friend indeed. Thanks Thea for this one and also for layout-ing the much needed maze for next week’s training. :)