World Premiere

Remember the times when you’re still small and cuddly
When all you care about was a role playing with your Barbie
You see your world full of magic and fantasy
Full of rainbows and ice creams and there’s your cute little pony

Then you stepped out of your castle and entered your school
Mommy left you crying, thinking she’s a bit cruel
“Worry not pretty girl, this will be your second home”,
Your teacher said suddenly, you smiled ‘coz you’re not alone

You faced each day with excitement, this time without fear
Making friends and enemies, gaining laughter and tears
Passing examinations made you nervous the most
Failing is your last option, definitely not something to boast

And surely this was the stage you didn’t want to miss
A roller coaster ride of your awesome High School years
That circle of friends you met are the coolest people in the world
Now tell me who’s this guy again you asked your heart to hold?

Now dear, look at you, you can’t be that cuddly little girl
You’ve turned into a woman, beautiful and delicate as a pearl
This wonderful lady who used to be small and loud
Is now a full-grown princess who makes her parents proud.

~due to my lack of time, I wasn’t able to write the poem for my best friend’s cousin. Thus, I asked the help of my writer friends (good thing, I have a pool of them) and one of them was able to meet the deadline.

The one who wrote this poem is a dear writer friend: Althea Muriel Pineda. I kinda liked it (and I mean, a lot) because it resembles how I write my poems–bright and sunny mood. I gave that title because it is for a debutante–she’s ready to be shown for the whole world to see.

Wonder who Thea is?

What i love about myself is my love for music. i love music as far as love is concerned. when feelings are getting out of my control, i just strum the six strings and everything goes to their respective places.

What i like about my life is when family, friends and loved ones share happiness and success with me. They are my strength and inspiration.

What i like about faith is you can’t question it. I believe in God and I believe He’s the only God.

What i like about life is there is a greater life after death.

~written by Thea herself on her site (click HERE to visit)

A friend in need will find a helpful friend indeed. Thanks Thea for this one and also for layout-ing the much needed maze for next week’s training. :)

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